Favorite moments from THE wedding….


Such pomp...and people were so well-behaved(those Brits)

Ok, I did get up early this morning…not at 5 as I had planned, but around 6…just in time to see Katie duck into a big car to be ferried off to the her wedding to a prince. I must say…I loved it all…every single over the top, emotional, flag-waving, hat-wearing minute of it. Loved. It. (and the dress)Here are my fave moments today:

My biscuits(Callie's) and homemade lemon curd and cream-yum

 And yes they were delicious. And here is my fave crazy hat.

Was she bored...or tranquilized?

 And I’ve always wondered…does the Queen sing when God Save the Queen is played? Here’s your answer…

Mum's the word....let them sing their silly songs...

 And the British version of the kids’ table….oh, Harry…

Harry in the kid's carriage....looked like a fun ride...

 Nice kiss, and I loved that they did it twice to the chanting of “Give us another…

"Oh, William, you are just so dreamy"But this I think was my real favorite moment....it was so quick... SO loved it when Katie looked back at the crowd over her shoulder...My most fave moment: such a quick glance...

And then this…

Such a quick glance...

 I don’t think she was quite ready to go….and who could blame her? She clearly mouthed, “Oh Wow” when they walked out to face the virtual sea of people who were there to wish them well. I can only imagine the sight. And it’s Friday! I hope to do as little as possible this weekend, unless it is something I really want to do…it has been a long week…you know the kind. Have some fun, eat some ice cream, be kind to each other(a little kindness goes a long way), and come home safe…’cause we miss you.

3 Responses

  1. I’m normally NOT a morning person. But, I have to admit, this morning (on VERY little sleep) I managed to get awake enough to see the little portable TV by my bed, and catch the wedding. I was hoping I’d just listen and drowse in and out.. but no… LOL Between their return to Buckingham Palace, and AFTER the balcony kiss, I fell asleep… only to realize that a.) I’d missed the balcony thing and b.) now I was oversleeping, and still had to get ready for work!.

    I have to contemplate “Ok, WHY did I wake up to see this?” First of all, I missed Diana’s and Charles’ wedding 30 years ago (my family was on the way to Pony Penning day that day..). The other reason? The joy of the story. There are so many days when the news can be so sad… people hurt, lives destroyed. I’ve even had an advisor suggest to STOP watching the news, because it can be so depressing. (I know, blasphemy… 😉 ). This was a happy story. Literally the fairy tale. Where we could sit back and watch 2 lives change.. in (hopefully) a good way. The world was gathered for a few moments to celebrate. An excuse for everyone to smile and have a party.

    Yes, there’s lots of debate about the significance of royalty in Britain.. and whether the monarchy should still exist. But, y’know… this was just *fun*. Enough of the debates about it.. money spent, etc… we watched 2 younger adults celebrate their new lives together. Can that be so bad? 🙂

    Hmm… maybe one of 31 flavors of ice cream tonight? Pick some up on the way home? And my compliment to you, Donna.. I do so enjoy reading your blogs. 🙂 and I promise not to throw rocks. I’ll try to get home safe.. .no guaranteeing what the idiots on the road will decide to do to me. 😉 Enjoy your weekend as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. For a second, I thought “Kids Table” about Prince Harry in the carriage. Then I thought, “babysitter.” Neither one seems very princely.

  3. Thanks Nicole…well said…

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