Dostoevsky in 90 minutes or less…..

Murder, murder!!

I don’t know if you ever read Fyodor Dostoevsky’s famous 500 plus page novel Crime and Punishment…I never did. It is basically a murder story(a double murder of two women and a very gruesome one at that)…set in St. Peter’sburg, Russia. Put it in present day New York and it would make a fantastic Law and Order…with some fantastic twists about what is right and what is wrong. It’s not always simple.

But the play at Center Stage-more info here has taken this very long, complex novel, and shrink-wrapped  it into a tight, 90 minute, one act play(you know how I love plays with no intermission). Dostoevesky in 90 minutes? I’m all in. Director Jason Leowith calls it a struggle for the human soul, in which the detective who is trying to solve the murders meets and becomes interested with an extremely smart young man…”Something about him fascinates  the detective, so he casts aside the leads he’s already go to follow his hunch….and of course, he solves the crime“.

And it is a mesmerizing 90 minutes you spend with Sonia and Raskolnikov and won’t soon forget them. Here’s a thought… “If he has a conscience he will suffer for his mistake. That will be punishment-as well as the prison.” True, or not?  Crime and Punishment is at Center Stage through May 15th….don’t miss it.


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