No More Waity Katie….and other must haves for the royal wedding!

Oh those crazy Brits, what willthey think of next….

a silk screened “sick” bag(questionable taste, I know)  from designer Lydia Lieth…just in case you feel a bit queasy from the royal love fest(or maybe that pre-dawn champagne for those of here in the colonies). 

Takes a quirky mind to think of these...

Hello luv…

You can get a Willsie-Katie cover for your Iphone… and here is a must have for your nails this Friday…

No More Waity Katie!!

From Butter London, a sparkly purple polish(all their polishes are free from formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP)…..and there’s a more subtle color called Tea with the Queen

Lavender lips?Or perhaps the limited edition lavender sparkly No More Waity Katie lip gloss is more your style, (that they say it is perfect for snogging-Brit term for making out). But oddly enough, it is not available in the U.K....too outrageous?And if you're looking for the perfect warn weather drink for the wedding(other than champers) to celebrate with this Friday....try a Pimm's Cup.Pimm's Cup...the chosen drink at Wimbledon

You can buy Pimm’s #1 (it’s a gin based liquor) at any liquor store(almost any)…add some Ginger-ale or Sprite, some cut up oranges and cucumbers, and some recipes call for mint because what purists really use-borage flowers-are hard to come by on this side of the pond. Pour over ice…(and you may feel like snogging). Pimm’s is to my mind, perhaps England’s greatest export….after mince pies and Marmite of course. Cheers!


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