Open house….Donna’s home hits the Baltimore Sun

Lots of people admired this crazy knife holder, called The Ex……

Some of you may have seen the article about my house that was in the Saturday Sun, and it’s also online…here. And a friend asked me yesterday, “So how did this come about? Did they contact you, or vice versa?” I am sure there are people who call and want coverage of their house, but I have never had that much…ummm….confidence in how my house looks. It isn’t designer done…seriously, the only time a designer has darkened the door is when the kitchen was being redone…it’s just a place I’ve lived for a long time. And like most of you, while I like it, I don’t expect others to.

I thought the article was all about this....

Susan Reimer contacted me after seeing my blog about the redo of the kitchen….and wanted to do a home article about it. “Sure Susan, that would be fine..”…and she asked if I had redone other rooms as one room sometimes leads to the others…and I assured her there was nothing like that. The rooms that conect to it are just as they were(for better or worse).  So Susan had broken her foot, and Jill Rosen showed up to do the article, and SHE was under the impression that they were doing other rooms . This I didn’t feel quite prepared for….let’s be honest, I would have removed a couple of stacks of magazines and replaced the pine cones for sea shells..which hadn’t happened yet(still hasn’t fyi). But Jill, like any good journalist talked me into it….the last thing I said to them was, “Be kind.” And they were.

That was how it all came about. Lisa Robinson came by my desk this morning, saying, “I saw you in the newspaper this weekend, looking all grand in your house“…(high voice now)…”Oh, I just cut the legs off the table, and then I turn the table legs into a wonderful composter, while I recycle everything in sight“…..No mercy at all. None.

Hey, I DO  like to cut the legs off tables…it’s the easiest way I know to get the coffee table you want, and is hard to find. I’ve done it twice. But trust me when I say I am not all Martha Stewarty…no way.

Ooh La La!!

Hope all of you had a lovely Easter….I found a new cupcake place that rocks it….called Ooh La La Cupcakes, at the Inner Harbor in the Light Street Pavilion, close to Phillips. Picked up some a few chocolate and a few coconut for Easter….they are fabulous! And I don’t like all cupcakes(I’ve been in semi-mourning since The Cupcake Company left town)..the frosting has to be really good buttercream, and the cake has to be dense and moist. These were yummy…seriously good.


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  1. My husband was quite pleased with himself for coming across the article before I did on Saturday! Too bad the cats didn’t get any coverage.

    I thought of you the other day when I was in need of a birthday cake for a dear friend of mine. I was hosting a small 30th birthday dinner for her and I usually get small cakes from The Baltimore Cupcake Company. This friend of mine is a huge baker and has her own cupcake business on the side, so the cake had to be good. I looked up the cupcake place that is in it’s old location but they only do cupcakes. I ended up ordering a red velvet cake from Charm City Cupcakes on Charles St., and the cake was to. die. for. They also have a location in Mt. Washington. You should try it. You won’t be dissapointed!

  2. I do like Charm City….have only been to their Charles St, location….are they the ones in the tiny little place close to Whole Foods in Mt Washington? WIll have to stop in…after I finish the cupcakes I have in the frig 🙂

  3. Really enjoyed the article in the Sunday Sun about your lovely home. We all got interested in your home with the kitchen renovation you talked about on your blog. How nice you agreed to do the Sun article. You must know we all adore you and get interested in your life. You nicely share things on your blog. And we love watching you at 5pm on WBAL!!

  4. You are so nice Cindy….thanks so much!

  5. Cindy has said all I wanted to say. I really loved seeing your comfy, cozy looking home. Your personality really shines through the furnishings of your lovely home.

  6. Hi Donna – I am a few months late with this question but was wondering where you found the white branches you have on your countertop? They remind me of curly willow except in white and I do love them! Thanks for any info, love the blog!

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