The Tomb-raider rides again…..pawing through my Mother-in-law’s jewelry…

Lots of pretty things....

OK, you know I went to Birmingham several weekends ago, to help clear out my Poppa-in-law’s townhouse, to get it ready for sale. There was just soooooo much to go through, give away, throw away….and put in a possible keep pile. And my darling Mother-in-law Shirley, had(like many women do)…a jewelry box piled with old things that she kept for various reasons(unknown to me)…mostly costume.

Little basket pin....stones are the flowers...

And being the tomb-raider that I am(I must give credit to this term to co-workers of the lovely Jennifer that dubbed her exactly that, after she returned to NY from my Father-in-law’s funeral, with his latest set of golf clubs), I kept some of it, the rest went to a church jumble sale.

I believe some of these things must have belonged to her Mother or Grandmother…they look too old to have come from the 1950s or later…but maybe not? Perhaps some of you will know much better than me….

One on left is a pocket pin??

Like these pins…well, one is a pin and one is a clip really, with a hinge on back with little teeth to hold onto something….maybe for a coat  or a pocket? Or the neckline of a dress? But I love them both. And look at this really tiny oval pin at the far right of the top pic shaped like a fish…. a marcasite piece perhaps?

Seed pearl Kappa Alpha Theta pin....

And one of the most interesting things we found, that my daughter lept upon, was Shirley’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority pledge pin, and badge. And this is sad to me….we never knew she was a sorority girl! She never talked about her days at Ohio Wesleyan…somehow the topic never came up, and I wish I knew all about it. A reminder to ask about things before it’s too late.

Muffy likes them in this old bowl, also from the house

But you will see me wearing these pieces from time to time, with her lovely memory in mind…such a gentle soul and a great Mom-in-law.

Remember these?? Such a pretty color...

In fact the earrings I wore a couple of days ago on 11 News at Five….some retro bright sky blue flower earrings that belonged to her, are now in the clutches of the  Tomb-raider! Sorry I haven’t gotten this published earlier this week, but the internet at work seems to be blocking Flickr where I keep my pics, and really a story about jewelry you can’t see is a little…poor. So I’ve finished it at home, and hopefully the problem is resolved soon. But it’s Friday, my son and the lovely Jennifer are in town for a good friend’s wedding Saturday, so we get them an extra weekend, and we will all get together with my wonderful daughter for dinner tonight(how lucky am I that she lives here?)!

All in shades of blue and purple....

The mulching is finished, which means I have some planting to do, though I have finished the front window boxes, as you can see. I hope you have a lovely weekend, plant a little something pretty, even if it’s just a pot…eat something delicious, and be extra kind to someone who needs it….and come home safe, cause we miss you!


4 Responses

  1. Lovely pieces! The one in question may be a shoe clip? Love wearing the pieces I have from my grandmother-I smile and think of her everytime I put them on.

  2. Maybe it is a shoe clip!! But if that’s the case, I have only one, sooooooooo….

  3. Donna, My cousin sent me a scarf with a pin that was like a clip with a hinge. It was used to keep the scarf in place. The round pin in the top picture and the basket are beautiful. I know you will cherish these pieces. Enjoy your blogs and gald you ahd a great vacation. Lori

  4. hi d–that is a shoe clip–use it on a coat or jacket lapel–works great!! i have several –not sure from where–but they are cool–hope you didnt do a “jan” and throw it away too quickly! you should have them all checked out–even the costume pieces from long ago are pretty pricey–at least to me!!!

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