There’s No Crying in Television!!

Mary Tyler Moore, crying at work....what did Lou think?

I was fascinated by a segment on the Today Show this morning, with the author of a new book called “It’s Always Personal….Emotion in the Workplace”. Is it ever acceptable to cry at work? I don’t know if it is ever acceptable, but most people who do get emotional at work certainly don;’t mean to…it just happens, and you are helpless to fight it.

The only time I remember bursting into tears at work, in front of my then boss, was when I was hosting a new(3 month old) afternoon chat show on Channel 13, in addtion to my duties at Evening Magazine. I was rather run ragged, and we were all working very hard to pull it off. So it came as a shock when I was pulled into the boss’ office and abruptly told they were canceling the show. Really, I just started bawling….horrible…and looking back on it, I think it was because I was taken by surprise, and I was also mad, because I had killed myself trying to do everything for everybody. But all that came out as tears.(I can only imagine what the man thought)… is always personal....

But I’ve seen people cry at work, plenty….though keep in mind tv newsroom places can be tense, and emotional places where feelings can  run high.  Sometimes it’s a personal issue, sometimes work related….I’ve even seen men cry at work(though rare, it is shocking when it happens). The author(you can see her interview here) says women under 40 are ten times more likely to cry at work than men over 40…that seems predictable. She says we do get better at managing our emotions as we get older. And she says women often cry, when really…they are mad as hell. Many women tend to avoid their anger and aren’t good expressing it( that includes me)…so that emotion pops out in a way that you have no control over…tears. And when someone says, this isn’t personal it’s business….I agree with the author…hell yes it’s personal.

But here’s a story I also remember vividly…something funny had happened during the break in a newscast…and I was overwhelmed with laughter, but we were coming back from break, and I had a REALLY SERIOUS, SAD story introduction to do. There’s no laughing during sad stories. Bad. Awful. People interpret it, that you think this is funny. So I just swallowed it and read the into, but my voice was shaking with emotion…..and later on, someone asked me, “Were you about to cry?”….to which I replied, relieved that was how it was interpreted, “No, it was much worse…I was about to laugh!”

It’s Friday everyone, and I am taking some  r&r this next week, but will still be blogging….I know you’ll miss me terribly on the air(right? you will miss me, right? I might cry otherwise)….but will be back the following week. So have a fabulatious weekend, don’t throw rocks, don’t cry for Pete’s sake, but laughing is allowed….and come home safe, ’cause we miss you!


2 Responses

  1. Donna,

    I just love your blog and you on the news. Don’t miss a day!! In fact, I’ve been following you since Evening Magazine.
    Have fun and hope you have some fantastic r & r.


  2. Donna, Have a great weekend and enjoy your time off… And yes , we will miss you.

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