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Bracket Fever…Guess who’s tied for first??
March 21, 2011

There I am, tied for first!

Ok, let me say this right up front. I really don’t know anything about basketball teams, and I really don’t care. That said…I do know the sport pretty well. My high school boyfriend was a basketball player(and the football quarterback, but hey…that’s how I roll)….so I faithfully attended all of his games.

And I like basketball…it’s a pretty exciting game, but nothing gets me interested like…ummm….green cupcakes on the line. And guess who is tied for first place in our cupcake bracket here at work….that’s right. Moi….Hamma Dammatin(that’s my madeup transposing of letters name)  OK, in all truthiness, President Obama is in first place, but since he isn’t technically in our pool(more’s the pity)….he is in first in name only. No cupcakes for him.

Look how excited they sweet...

So that leaves just 3 of us, at the moment…. Tim Tunison(who has Ohio St as finals champ) and meateater Matt Nixon(who has Kansas-really? Kansas? as champ). I have San Diego State and the Aztecs at the end. And while  it was a pretty ugly game they played on Saturday, they still pulled it out. And as my sports guru Chris Dachille says, “That’s the name of the game. Win and advance.” (He also finds it hilarious when people like myself talk about the bracket, because I don’t have the right terminology for it-for instance, I didn’t know that it wasn’t possible for San Diego to play Ohio St. in the final 2…but on the other hand, I’m beating him, so take that, sucker). I know the Aztecs have a long road ahead, but if they’re game, so am I.