Spring, sprang, sprung….

Look who's peeking, to see if the coast is clear....

I don’t know what’s happening where you live, but at my ranch things are looking up…definitely looking up. The daffies are a little taller than they were last week….I saw  a robin red breast just this week. Yep, while I know there will be more cold….winter’s days are numbered. Here are some of my fave images of what’s around the corner…

Crocus, crocus everywhere...

And the birdies are out…

Tweet...the old school kind...

Flowering trees…

So elegant....so simple...

You know I love moss

"Hey, buddy....you from around here?"

Ladybugs instead of  stinkbugs…

"You look so good in red!"

Does anything say spring more than lambs?

I wuv my wambs....

 Thanks to the Guardian UK for those photos….so very pretty. This weekend holds lots of cleaning up garden beds and a little planting….maybe some pansies. Joe Squared Pizza tonight for din-din(their Chicken and Bacon Pizza sounds too good to resist), and a nice bottle of red wine. It’s Friday, and darn it…I like it. Have something nice for dinner, buy yourself a bunch of daffodils for the table, don’t throw rocks and come home safe….’cause we miss you.


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