Freecycling….Those vhs tapes are gone!!

Some really great films in here!!

Remember all those VHS movies that I was desperate to ditch, I mean… find a loving home for, last week? Many of you laughed at me, derisively asking on Facebook did I know what year it was….you know who you are. Well smarties, those tapes are now on their way to a new home!!

Waiting on the front steps of WBAL....

A lovely lady named Rosemarie on FB sent me a message, saying that she still used VHS…and how much did I want for them. (that’s right….dollah dollah bills ya’ll). I almost fell over  myself sending a hasty message back that they were free….but that I would need her to pick them up at the station. Rosemarie said that was fine….and yesterday was the day we chose to make the handover.

The tape collection's new owners....

As I was hauling them out of my car, a guy who works in sales came by and noticing what excellent taste I have in film, said, “Wow, you’re giving away Gettysburg? That just seems wrong.”  Thanks. Whatever.  But Rosemarie (on the left) was very happy to have them, and when I asked where they were headed…she said she and her Dad would split them up, and she was thrilled to get Miracle on 34th Street. So off you go, my little theatrical chiclets…off to give joy to someone else. And my entertainment cabinet now only contains another conveyor of entertainment that is no doubt, soon to be outdated…my dvds.

2 Responses

  1. Great job! Now what do we do with those wonderful little cassettes with all of that great music on them and nothing to play them on?

  2. I really don’t know Monica…it’s a conundrum, especially for those of us who hate to throw things out.

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