Baby Girl Melanoma!!

Get in the cat carrier, Baby...just get in please.

I noticed this strange thing on my beloved Baby Girl’s right hip maybe a month ago…and I thought at first it was a tick….about the same size, dark brown…almost black. So I got out my trusty tweezers and alcohol, ready  to do what I had done many times before on various animals…remove the darn thing. But I couldn’t get under it…. and B to the G made how she felt about me trying, painfully clear.

I attempted this again a few days later…same results. So clearly, if this is a tick it is deeply embedded, and Dr. Donna is not gonna be able to handle this one. Or…it’s something else, like a growth. So I made an appointment with my vet one morning before work….and off we go.

The trusty Pet Taxi....Baby hates it...

Dr. Cohen looks at it and says, “It’s definitely not a tick“…..and he squeezes it a little and rubs it …here’s the weird thing…dark pigment came off on his finger. Eeuuuw. He continued, “It’s definitely a growth of some kind…good you didn’t try to remove it(true dat-could have been messy)…..but what worries me is the pigmented nature of it.” He said to leave Baby there for the day, and they would remove the growth that afternoon….”Whatever it is, it probably needs to come off.”  Poor Baby Girl.

Baby's incision..stitches come out next week....

I picked her up that evening…she was a little sad and still a bit woozy, but otherwise fine(nothing seems to dent Baby’s appetite-that girl can eat!)….and it was yesterday that Dr. Cohen called me with the biopsy results. Benign melanoma,(have you ever heard of that on a cat?) but some of the cells in one part of it were atypical. Not good. But the doc had removed a wide margin of skin around the lesion, and all those margins were clear. He said, “Keep on eye on that area  in the future and let me know if anything appears anywhere else.” He was actually amazed that I found that one, because Baby is, as he referred to her, “heavily furred“. Yeah she is, Baby doesn’t fool around when it comes to fur…she’s all in.  So just a heads up to pet owners…it sometimes pays to do the thorough petting session. And B to the G sends her furry love….

5 Responses

  1. Oh no, Donna! I’m glad that you found it, that it was benign (mostly) and that you now now to “observe” her a bit more. Actually, like people, our pets need to be protected from the sun as much as possible if they are “light colored” and yes, I know, it is much more difficult as they just don’t like sunscreen! Recently there was a cat in the UK who had his nose removed and the tips of his ears due to malignant melanoma. He was a white cat. He had a hard time getting adopted because folks thought he looked like “Voldemort.” Fortunately someone saw his great beauty and wonderful purrsonality and gave him a loving home that he so much deserves.

    I’m glad the Baby Girl is going to be okay (and you, too!)

  2. Here is a link to the story about the cat with skin cancer (he did get adopted!):

  3. Stunningly beautiful cat. I’m glad that it was benign.

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL baby cat she is. We had a beautiful, petite little tortoiseshell–playing in one of our flower beds, chasing a grasshopper that was almost as big as she was. Yes, she had HUGE fur, and a tail that was more like a bridal train than a hairy means of keeping balance.

    Hope everything works out well for this beauty.

  5. I’m glad to hear that Baby G will be okay. That has got to be hard to notice with her amount of fur. I’m just glad you found it in time. I think she just gets cuter as she ages. I always look forward to hear about Baby G and Spencer.

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