Live the Sheen Dream….famous quotes from Charlie…

Oh, Charlie....

Like me, many of you have watched in equal parts fascination and horror, as the Charlie Sheen show just gets better and better. Not for nothing did he break a Guiness record  this week, by getting ONE MILLION followers in record time(how do they know that?). And while I know many of you find his antics more disgusting than entertaining, and are horrified by the media coverage of his non-stop barrage of boss bashing and tiger blood aggrandizing…it is…how shall I say…watchable, somehow.

So for those of you who would like to employ some of Charlie’s more epic quotes, perhaps at your Mom’s house this Sunday(just an idea), here is a website devoted exclusively to his ummmm…more colorful sayings, like, “The only thing I’m addicted to is winning.” You tell ’em Charlie.  Live the Sheen Dream-here-actually crashed last night because of the high traffic. All you have to do is click on the “Charlie bobblehead”  to get a new quote. In the meantime, here’s one… “I have one speed. I have one gear. Go.” Oh Charlie Sheen.

Can I help you Ms. Degeneres?

His co-stars of Two and a Half Men are keeping busy…Jon Cryor made an appearance on Ellen(above) as her new receptionist. Pretty funny actually…

Oh let’s not think about Charlie anymore, shall we? The weekend  is almost here, we have more serious and important things to ponder, like…What’s for dinner tonight? Grilled steaks with tiger’s blood martinis? Not so humble pie? Whatever…enjoy it, don’t throw rocks(even at Charlie), play nice(he’s a cautionary tale), and come home safe….’cause we miss you.


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