New Kitchen Reveal….finally!

Note the vintage 1965 circa wallpaper underneath....

I know I’ve shown little bits of it in other posts, but never everything at once. SO for those of you who are interested, here’s how the kitchen turned out….in just a little under four weeks, which is pretty speedy really. In fact, the one reason I picked my contractor David Tobash was that he has a track record of finishing the job in the time allotted. I talked to one neighbor whose kitchen(whose job was bigger than ours, admittedly, but still) took 6 MONTHS. That person I didn’t even call for an estimate. Four weeks was long enough.

This wall between the dining room and kitchen came down

You have seen some of the destructo scenes…here’s a recap….

All cabinets came out....

We still had use of the frig during the process, and the microwave was in the family room and stuff was EVERYWHERE.

David Tobash...he was always calm...

Here’s a picture of David,my contractor(-yes I know he’s cute, but I have nothing against attractive contractors), and one of his guys…this was about halfway through…you could see what things were gonna look like. And David never got upset about anything(me-“Oh my God, the appliances won’t be in until the end of the week“….him-“That’s fine, we’ll work it out.“) And it was fine.

This was how one wall used to look....lots of wasted space...

This side wall had a bar and a tall cabinet, which all came down. But as we were losing cabinet storage over the stove…here was my solution.

Open shelving above cabinets below....I love open shelving...

Silver it...

This is the granite we picked, called Silver Supreme….but we never saw the actual slab. As the cabinet designer said, “That was brave“…..not really, just an oversight. So when I walked in and saw the huge espresso brown/black streaks through it, I said something that I won’t repeat here. But once I got over the shock of it being a different than what I was expecting…I fell in love, totally. A surprise but a happy surprise. It’s very dramatic.

A big ole wall....

This was the view from the dining room…and now it’s this….

So open...we love it...

And the bar area I love and use so much….the chairs came from The Foundry(the wood was reclaimed) and the pendants from Wisteria.

I watch tv and do computer work from here in the am...

 Some of my fave things about the kitchen….note the cabinets now go to the ceiling, no wasted space(but you need a little ladder), and under counter lighting.

Love the Samsung French door frig...

Oh Jennaire.....

I was honestly a little nervous about downdraft oven, but it has performed like a champ….it vents through the floor to the outside. 

White subway tile blacksplash....and recycled knobs...

Room with a view....

And where once I stared a wall of cabinets while I cooked, now I look out two windows…..such a huge difference. Oh, and I almost forgot….these drawers are fabulous.

Pull out drawers for pots and pans....

So I got what I wanted….a more open kitchen with all new cabinets and appliances, without breaking the bank. Keeping the kitchen footprint the same makes a big difference in the end cost(I had a small kitchen and I still have a small kitchen)…and I shopped for many of the things(lighting, granite, appliances) myself. As one reader who had redone her kitchen said, “You’ll wonder why you waited so long to do it.” No, I know why….we had kids to get through college….but every day when I walk in, I am amazed by how much I enjoy it !


9 Responses

  1. I have been waiting for these pictures. You did a fabulous job and your results are beautiful. Great job.

  2. OMG, that’s just awesome. Uh-oh, my hubby is gonna get an earful soon…….OUR kids are out of college, too! Hmmm…and he DOES so like my cooking, and I’m sure a great kitchen could be an inspiration for some new dishes! Sounds like fun to me.

  3. THANKS! And my apologies to your husband…..

  4. Donna, I love your new kitchen and what is really impressive is that it looks so functional. So many new kitchens look like a showroom display designed to see how many trends can be packed into one room. They are all glitz and of little practical use. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  5. Oh it functions all right….every day of the week!

  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures we have all been waiting for. It’s lovely. Enjoy!!
    Most of us have been thru a kitchen remodel, and it’s no fun till you get the end result. Such a mess that carries thru the rest of the house, but it is so worth it.

    I enjoy your blog SO much!

  7. Sigh. how many ways can I say “jealous?”

    Smile… seriously, congrats, it is beautiful and so nice that it’s functional, too!

    Thanks for sharing the “after” photo’s with us and I’m with Cindy, I enjoy your blog a lot, too! I check it every day and am always disappointed if a day, or two or more, go by without a post from you!

  8. Donna,

    I start the total kitchen remodeling on March 28th. I picked Kitchen Savers and have been working with a talented designer. I picked out the same sink faucets as you. The cabinets are also starting at the top of the wall and they are wood, hand-made in Lancaster. I picked out the whole slab at Rock Tops Granite in Owings Mills and picked Venician Gold. They even gave me a sample. The floor is dark bamboo and wears well. I also am having part of a wall removed. I am a friend of Wanda Draper and she recently was over for dinner to see my old kitchen.

    Your kitchen looks so fab.


  9. Love it! Especially the chandelier with the red shades. Your antique corner cabinet blends nicely with the new cabinetry. Enjoy!

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