Dreamin’ of spring…Pay a visit to my dream porch!

Where is my white wine?????

I was looking out over my back porch this morning, which to be honest, looks a little skanky. Yes, that’s word, because I just used it in a sentence. By skanky, I mean kinda bad. Patches of snow here and there(still), a dead tree in a pot that is actually turned over on its side, lawn chairs all akimbo, because we were using them to keep an ugly sheet of plastic over the fountain so it wouldn’t freeze, flotsam and jetsam all around….just skanky. The picture above is what my dream porch would look like(thanks Frontgate)…and here are some more….enjoy.

Also from Frontgate...very moderne....

This one is probably too sleek for me, but it has a look….

Love, love love the Provence-Restoration Hardware

This one I adore. No skank here at all. Restoration Hardware…..

Leagrave from Restoration Hardware....mmmmmmmm

All I want to know is…who’s gonna clip the hedges? I’ll light the candles.

Catalina Deep Seating.....you could sink right in...

How fabulous is this look? It’s from Great Gatherings in Annapolis! They have some great stuff(thus the name fits.)

time to read a book....

And this look is a little more formal, but soooo lovely…and solid. From Bazensky’s Furniture in Middle River…note the LIVE tree in the background, and it’s pot is not overturned. Skank-free zone.

Wow...just wow...

From Brown Jordan…just so clean and sleek, but inviting too…It’s called Canyon.The Palmetto. I could hang out here for a while....

And as usual, Pottery Barn  has it goin’ on…they just get it. Always have.

The Faraday, also from PB....

Another one from Pottery Barn…love the carved look…and while it looks like a living room piece, it’s from Eucalyptus wood, that is meant for outdoors. Love it.  In the meantime, I will try to clean up my scene outdoors…neaten it up…and think about getting something new for outside this spring. Keep dreaming of spring, get a little bouquet of flowers for yourself, and be extra nice to someone this weekend…and come home safe, ’cause we miss you.


7 Responses

  1. The trouble with lovely patio furniture is that one needs a separate building in which to store it during most of the the year, lest it become a rotting, rusted, mildewed mess. Also, a staff of people to maintain it and move it around would be helpful. It is definitely part of a certain lifestyle.

  2. Well, I have to tote it myself, and it has to be tough enough to stay outside(though I bring cushions in for the winter)…I think you just have to choose wisely.

  3. Hi Donna – just a few ramblings about some of your blogs. As far as the outdoor furniture, have you visited Stebbins-Andersen in Towson or Watson’s in Lutherville? Both have a lovely selection of patio furniture. Albeit somewhat pricey at both locations, but very nice none the less.

    Skin care – have you tried any of the Philosophy products? I love Purity Made Simple, which is a cleanser. Also love Hope In a Jar, or Miracle Worker, both high effective moisturizers. I’ve tried them all, from low-end to high-end and always seem to come back to Philosophy. I am 55 so tend to be somewhat picky about skincare products.

    Vitamins – a few blogs back one of your readers asked if you could post what supplements/vitamins you take. Did I overlook it? When you have a free moment could you add your supplements to a blog?

    Enjoy your blog and look forward to reading them each week. Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Hi other Donna! Thanks for reading the blog…I have tried Philosophy…and I do like their Purity cleanser…very nice, love the scent..so clean. I will effort a vitamin blog….you didn’t miss it, I just haven’t done it, as I didn’t think many people would be interested in that(even tho I am). And I will check outStebbins and Watsons…nice to do business locally if possible.

  5. Donna, are you sure you’re using the term “skanky” correctly? Unless the definition has morphed, I think you may be. In the 80’s, a skank was a girl on the trashy side and skanky related to the girl’s clothing, demeanor, etc… I can kinda see where you were going… I hope you’re not offended by my comments because I meant them in a kind way.

  6. Yes!! It is the same word…I have revived skanky….and am using it in a totally new way. I charge you to do the same, and find a way to use the word skanky(trashy) today!! Skankalicious…..skankified…:)

  7. It’s a new day–so why not?

    Have a great day!

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