Three new finds….covering a lot, a little or not at all…

Ok, I just realized I should pass a few items along to you that I think some of you might dig….and they are all in the “makeup” category…but one of them is so not makeup really, that I think even guys might like it. Yes…guys. Ok, here we go!

I love this stuff....

First up,  the one that I think is really unisex is new to me…dermalogica’s Sheer Tint Moisture-here. I’ve never tried it,  but I got some sample packets in an order for something else from Dermstore, I think.

My sample packets.....great for travel...

And since I don’t like to walk around with foundation on all day, but I need a little color, and some sunscreen(15 spf)….and sheer tint moisture does all that. It evens out the blotchy skin tones we all have, but no coverage. I really, really like it. ($42 for 1.3 oz)

Color, sunscreen, and a touch of coverage...

Close to that but with a touch of  coverage, is Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation-hereI’ve been using this for a while in the mornings before I go to work or on the weekends….it has the added benefit of a 30 spf, added dmae and alpha lipoic acid, adds color and just a slight bit of coverage. I feel like I have a really nice glow when I wear it. It’s $50 for 1 oz., but a couple of pumps are all I need…it lasts a pretty long time.

great little coverup compact....

And something I also got as an extra in an order(might have been the same order from Dermstore-love freebie samples) is by red.point….the Noc-Out Cover-up Compact-here . The yellow is great for shadows under the eyes, and the other shades work for lighter or darker parts of the face. I see on their website, it’s usually $38, right now half price, which ain’t bad. Enjoy!


3 Responses

  1. try Mary Kay skin care and foundation…you will see better results for your money and it is proven to work

  2. I have tried them…not bad, but not a big fan either….

  3. You must try Perfekt Morsturizing gel….I purchased mine at Sephora The only facial tinted moisturizer that actually makes my “mature skin” look healthier and younger

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