An amusing “end” to to a bad week….

Ok, it's the right size....

You know that last week I was in Birmingham, after the death of my sweet Poppa-in-law Dick…the funeral was Friday, and the week was… as you might expect….bittersweet. Catching up with family members not seen often enough, laughing, some crying, plenty of eating(as you know, in the south…with death comes food).

Golf, anyone??

But yesterday we were packing up to leave…the lovely Jennifer tried out a set of Dick’s golf clubs at our urging(he had four sets in the storage shed). That seems excessive, except that this was a man who might have missed his first grandchild’s christening(our son) for a golf game, but for threats from his wife, and a man who scored four holes in one in his lifetime, and shot his age at 72. So four sets, for him, was just right. But I digress….Jen loved his  Cobra clubs, and a golf pro had recently suggested she check out some senior men’s clubs…as they might be just right for her. And they were.

I'm sorry, but this is just brilliant....

But packing them to fly them home? Hmmm…..a huge Fed Ex box, could hold them but so much room left for them to rattle around, and we didn’t want to make it too heavy(over weight bag fees anyone?). So we killed two birds with one green recycled store, filling the open spaces with all the recycling we had accumulated…empty soda, cream, and milk plastic bottles, plastic  trays from a deli, newspaper….oh, a container of  croissants…in they went.

But earlier that morning, coming down Dick’s stairs(think nightmare steep staircase with tiny treads), my foot slipped off the edge, and I rode down four or five stairs on my butt. So yes, the old tailbone is sore and I have a big bruise and scrape on one elbow…but otherwise am unscathed.


And to add insult to injury, trying  to wash and dry all our towels before we leave….when I remove them from the washer…there are hundreds and hundreds..maybe millions…of little bits of brown paper all throughout the towels, because I’ve clearly washed a grocery bag  with them, which had fallen from where they were stored right over the machine… I shake the bits out on the floor before the dryer. Look around for a broom…of course there isn’t one, so I gather them up by hand. That was fun.

But on the bright side, I toted home all the leftovers from the food delivered by Dick’s Sunday School Class Friday in plastic bags(nothing better than homemade church food)… including some rocking baked chicken and pepperoni with a cream cheese sauce(will effort the recipe)… carrot souffle, Jim and Nick’s barbecued ribs(heavenly) me a scavenger if you will but I never leave good food behind.

Oh, and it’s Valentine’s Day! As Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “Love is the only gold“….so true. I hope you share the day with love… give it, receive it…it’s all good.


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