Where were you ten years ago today???


Assistant News Director Tim Tunison asked me that today…I just stared hi blankly, and said, ..”Ten years ago…today? I dunno…why?” He replied, “You were at the Superbowl!”  Oh yeah…and what a fantastic weekend that was….before the game Gerry Sandusky and I hosted an hour-long special from a freezing Tampa(isn’t Tampa supposed to be warm in the winter? It was not…)

I still have my ticket ..but lost my Superbowl Ring 🙂

But the Superbowl was a total, all out blast. Flyovers by Stealth Bombers, fireworks like you would not believe….

Britney was there too…..

An unbelieveable half time show that featured Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and N’Sync,  Nelly, and Mary J Blige doing “Walk this Way“-here’s a link to that show on YouTube.-(funny part where Mary J is NOT gonna share her mic with Stephen Tyler-get your own buddy)..and some pretty darn amazing football, back when Trent Dilfer was Baltimore’s hero, and so was Coach Brian Billick. The Ravens defense seemed to anticipate every play the Giants ran.

And here’s my little gift to you….if you want to relive some really terrific highlights from that game, with lots of sideline comments(some pretty spicy) from both coaches, go to Hulu-here. It’s total fun to watch….and we have a story looking back at that game tonight on 11 News at Five…hope you check it out! Have a great weekend, be kind, play nice and for Pete’s sake, come safe…’cause we miss you.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Donna! My husband and I watched the Super Bowl and cheered and cheered. I was teaching 5th grade at that time, and every time the Ravens won there would be NO HOMEWORK on Monday. Those 5th graders really prayed a lot that football season and their prayers were certainly answered.

    Where did those 10 years go?
    Happy Weekend. Monica

  2. Slightly off topic question, Donna… do you think you’d ever do that polar bear plunge? Also, on tonight’s 11:00p newscast, one of the WBAL reporters is one of the “super plungers”… I noticed that some of the folks she was interviewing had these really cute penguin pj’s on. Is there a way to find out where those pj’s are from?

    Ah… football. I’m one of those ladies who’s not much in to it. I always tease my football crazy coworkers “why can’t these guys just SHHHHARE the ball, instead of fighting over it?” 😉

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