One Hellish Commute…and other tales of winter

I looked at this for a looooooooong time...

I had the pleasure of staring at this big SUV  stretched across the road oh…for a good 30 minutes or so…I’ve never felt so grateful for my Blackberry. The bus to the right of the suv had decided it wasn’t going anywhere, and on the left, a young women in heels and a short skirt had slid her car into the curb and she wasn’t going anywhere…so the guy decided to turn around and head UP the hill. Ummmm, no ….you’re not. Bad idea.

a wreath on my back porch this morning...

It was without doubt(and for those of you who were stuck in the worst of it around 6:30 to 7:30..ok, 8:30)the most harrowing and frightening drive home I’ve ever had. Ever. The snow was whipping down sideways, so that my right front and rear car windows were completely snowclogged. And there were moments that I really didn’t think I was gonna make it home, and wondered what happens to all the people stuck in their cars. I filled the car with gas that morning, so that wasn’t a worry. But just when I finally got within a mile of home, I knew I’d get there even if I had to ditch the car and hike it…or claw my way. And I did ditch the car, but it was at least on the side of the road in my neighborhood, not blocking any traffic. My heroic husband went back at midnight and dug it out after the plows had come through, and drove it home, bless him. So all’s well that end well right?

Here are a couple of pics you might enjoy…..first 11 Sports Director and voice of the Ravens Gerry Sandusky forgot his snow boots…whaah??

Deep south snow boots...

And this is what he came up with(right before he cleaned off my car at 6:30-thanks G). I told him that was what we always used when I was a little girl. We didn’t have snow boots in ‘bama, because we really didn’t need them. So on the rare occasion we got measurable snow, my Momma would just wrap plastic freezer bags that usually contained that summer’s lima beans, around our feet. Hey, it worked, kinda. 

A harbinger of spring...pussywillow!

And I thought you’d enjoy a little glimpse of spring. I found this little weeping(not crying) pussywillow tree at Trader Joes..and I thought it was the best $12.99 I’d spent in a a long time. Things will warm up…right? Right???????


6 Responses

  1. I hear what you are saying Donna. I left work with one of my employees onboard, about 6:30. Sleet was comming down at an amazing rate and then the snow. From Elkton to Port Deposit took over an hour! All the roads were burried in snow, but my trusty Volvo mushed right through, got the employee home safe and sound, and then I got home to a cheering wife and daughter out on the back porch happy to see that I made it! How nice is that.

  2. wow…a cheering section on arrival?? Nice indeed!

  3. Donna – As a kid we used to put plastic bags over our shoes and then put them into those stiff rubber galoshes – it made them easier to get on and off !

  4. When we lived in Wisconsin I learned that plastic bags over the feet make it a lot easier to get a child’s foot into boots and it is one more barrier against the snow. An acquaintance (mother of a friend) from Cuba who was living in Chicago taught me that.

  5. I am interested in your vitamins, see there is always one person.

  6. Hi Donna – thanks for the info on the skin care products. Know you are super-busy but when you have the opportunity can you post about the vitamins that you take or send the info directly to me via e-mail? Love the Pussywillow by the way, how is it doing? Have a great week!

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