Remains of the Pork Belly….and other miscellaneous things….


OK, Paul wanted to know what happened this past weekend…”What happened to the pork belly?? I read you were going to get some and I was wishing I had a source closer than Catonsville. Just hoping to satisfy my pork belly craving vicariously.” good does this look?

Well Paul, I won’t lie… it was a pretty good dish, and as one chef said about pork belly “You could probably roll it in dirt and it would still sell“, but my dish  could have been better.   I couldn’t find pork shoulder(for pork two ways) and ended up getting some pork butt instead to accompany the belly. And you know , I wished it had all been belly(pork one way)…the butt pieces were just a tad dry….not as luscious as the belly. I wish I had a good source for you other than H-Mart(what they now call it) in Catonsville…but that’s the only place that I know of that sells it. Why is that? The recipe to the picture above is here….

Love the bivalves...

My Eastern Shore friends brought over some fabulous oysters…which we(the royal we-meaning he worked and we ate) shucked and ate with some saltines and sauce…so salty and plump….I haven’t had any on the half shell since I was in New Orleans last year. Delish.

This cream is only $13.50...gotta love that...

Lisa had a question: “Hi Donna – love the blog, read it all the time! Actually my response (question!) has nothing to do with pork. I watch 11 news at 5 and have always noticed how great your skin looks. Just wondering what your skin care routine is and what products you use. I am 55 and although my skin is in pretty good shape it could certainly stand some improvement. Guess we are all in search of that ever elusive “magic bullet”.”

Oh Lisa, first of all, thanks. And isn’t that the truth..the old search for a magic bullet..a better question is, what DON’T I use on my skin. Seriously, I kind of have the kitchen sink approach(throw everything at it and something will stick). I intermittently use a couple of creams from Swanson Vitamins( the Niacin cream and the Derma E Alpha-Lipoic acid cream…not expensive and good).

This cream is $150...let's say I use it sparingly....

 I also use Cold Plasma by Nicholas Perricone….NOT inexpensive but I like it a lot(great for the neck)…and my mainstay…Retin A. Honestly there isn’t a woman over 40(or very few) who should not be using Retin A according to my dermatologist. It is the bomb.  I really think it makes a big diff in skin quality. Add to that wearing sunscreen(and have for a long time) and hats when I’m in the sun, eating right( eating lots of salmon makes a difference in your skin-I eat some almost every day), getting enough sleep, and I take a boatload of vitamins….if anyone is interested(which I doubt), I’ll be happy to share what I take. Enough.

Why won't you make ice for me????

Oh let’s see…a Samsung refrigerator repairman was out this morning, as my brand new shiny stainless steel French door frig…isn’t making ice! Soooooo, he checked this and that, and then a little more this and that…but guess what the final fix involved? That’s right…a trusty hairdryer that he keeps in his truck(photogs here at WBAL also keep one to defrost and defog cameras going from cold to warm). And, after a few minutes of heating up the innerds of my ice maker, out plopped a 6 inch icicle from the line which had stopped up the works. Now the big question is…..will it continue to get clogged with ice, and why did it do so in the first place? Hmmmmm? To be continued…



6 Responses

  1. Hi Donna – Yes, I would LOVE to hear about the vitamins! Right now I am battling a very nasty cold and anything I can do to try to head one off is fine by me. Thanks so much for the info, see you at five!

  2. Hi Donna, and thanks for all of this info…
    Last week you mentioned your postings on Facebook that we who are Facebook Phobic are missing out on…PLEASE don’t defect!!
    Those of us who don’t want to go so public will lose out! Come back to the bloggees, please!!

  3. No Sue…there’s no defection! It’s just that I had posted this odd thing about the Doritos…it was only a sentence really, not a blog post….but there was a lot of reaction to it so I mentioned it in a post. It is odd, because the two are different, and yet I know that people who read the blog aren’t necessarily on Facebook, so I try to keep that in mind.

  4. Forgot to remind you that next time you’re at H-Mart, run up the road a bit to Treuth’s Butchers in Oella. You will find any cut of anything, or they will find it for you–except pork belly, but they do have slab bacon. Isn’t that the same thing?? Have a visit–they are wonderful!

  5. I had the same problem, more than once with new frig. The repairman told me to raise the temp to 6 degrees in the freezer. Have not had the problem since. He said two people do not open the freezer door has much as a home with children, therefore it stays colder.

  6. Wow, really?? That is a great idea which I will do even though my repairman didn’t suggest it…right now it is -2…which is pretty cold, and colder than it needs to be! Thanks Becky!

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