It’s Almost Game Time…what to wear, what to cook???

Purple Friday indeed...rock on, my friend...

Ok, I was on my way from Prive’ Salon off Fort Avenue(after a much-needed trim) to WBAL-TV…and I ran across(not over) this guy on the corner at Harborplace….he was just too cute not to take the picture. And game time is almost here….I want you to know,  I have very little purple in my wardrobe, and what I do have, has been worn ad nauseum…

Something borrowed, something new.....

I saw this cute purple felt pin on Joyce’s coat here in the newsroom. I stopped dead in my tracks and begged to borrow it. She kindly relented, and so you may see it on the air tonight.

Are the stones purple...or pink? Hmmmm?

 I wore this necklace today, in hopes that it looked some distant relative of purple…Joyce assured me it was really pink. Hmmmmm.Well, one of them will be on top of my Flacco Blacko (and yes that is a Raven’s color even tho I made it up)sweater tonight….I think both would be too much, yes?

Short ribs...they'll look better after they're cooked.....

And what are you preparing for the game? Short ribs? Chili? Pork Belly(more on cooking pork belly here)? Oh, and does anyone have a great recipe for Meyer Lemons? (I think I’ve decided on lemon curd-a big fave and so easy-here) My sister brought me several BIG ones fresh off a lemon tree in Gulf Shores, that I flew home( I flew tamales down to ‘ husband always thinks it’s hilarious that I “fly food all over the country” like there won’t be any where I’m going…who knows maybe there won’t be one day and he’ll be sorry.) At any rate, I’d be up for a good lemony recipe….At my house, short ribs sound too fabulous not to have…I really love them this time of year with a nice bottle of hearty red wine……ok, now I’m getting hungry.

Have a great weekend everyone…play nice no matter who wins, don’t throw rocks and come home safe…’cause we miss you!


4 Responses

  1. Hi Donna, check out this website, had some interesting ideas for your meyer lemons. Go Ravens!…/la-fo-meyerlemons16jan16,0,5003872.story

  2. Hi Donna – went to goggle and typed in How to use Meyer Lemons. All kinds of recipes and ideas came up. One link was Sounds like you had a great time with your sisters, and Auburn won. Great game. The shorts ribs look delicious. Enjoy and enjoy the game. Lori

  3. Donna – you pulled it off, the purple flower looked great! Do you know where Joyce bought that? I want one! Love the blog, read it all the time.
    P.S. – I hope we are both STILL Gemini’s!

  4. I don’t remember where she said she got it…but I will find out! Go Ravens….

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