The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree…Donna’s baby girl blogs too…

A girly blog look...for a girly girl...

I’ve told you quite a bit about my daughter(tmi?)…about difficulties she had in school-post here from May 2009-about her moving into her first apartment-post here from Jan. of 2010-(and we’ve made some changes in the apartment since then…I am her official decorator, and I’m cheap). But I’ve always told her, in high school and in college, that she should go to the school paper and offer to write a column about hair and skin care products….because that’s what she loves. She has always been fascinated with hair products and skin care and makeup…she just loves it. And while she never took my advice back then(more’s the pity), she is doing it today in the blogging world.

Her blog is called Recession is the New Blonde-here….and while she may need to change the name when the recession is over(oh, that’s right, everyone keeps telling us it IS over…but),  her focus is on reviewing beauty products that work for her. Hey, I didn’t even know you could get pure hylauronic acid for a moisturizer…and I should know about all that stuff. I love the look of the blog…it is so her…and she is doing something I’ve thought about trying for a while…video blogs.

Doing a blog just out of the shower? That's brave....

And her posts have gotten her some attention…she has been added to the blogging team of Lock and Mane-here, an upscale hair product and hair accessories website. I’ve ordered from them before..they have an extensive collection, and I love the fact that anything over $25 gets free shipping(you know I love that). Here is my girl’s first video blog for them-here reviewing a conditioner called Alterna. Pricey, but she says you only need a little.

If you think I am proud of her…you would be correct. When kids are little, you always wonder what they will be like when they are adults, you know? Will they be funny? Kind? Smart? What? And then when you really start to see the final product, it’s so lovely to be able to breathe a sigh of relief…yeah, she’s wonderful, she never needed braces, and she’s gonna make it on her own(hey MTM). Just wanted to share a little slice of happiness with you on this Friday. Have a great weekend…stay warm, cook something luscious(and eat it), play nice and come home safe…’cause we miss you!

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  1. I’m bummed that I can’t read her blog right now because the iPad doesn’t “do” videos…..but I’ll be sure to check it out later…it looks like a fun one to read.

    I always said that one of the best things about my (grown) kids is that I’d like them even if they weren’t mine. Sounds like yours are the same. Congrats!

  2. What????? I thought that’s what the iPad did best…that you can watch movies and youtube and everything? Are you sure your iPad is working Carole? And you are right…I would like them even if they weren’t mine! Thanks…

  3. I stand corrected…the iPad doesn’t do FLASH video like is embedded in websites, but it DOES do YouTube. I incorrectly assumed it was like other clips I have not been able to play, but went back and tried it and I WAS able to enjoy it….Thanks!

  4. Donna, I had stumbled across your daughter’s blog awhile back and then she didn’t post for sometime. I forget how I made the connection you all were mother/daughter, maybe through her apartment set-up. Anyhow, love you both and enjoy both blogs! Btw, thanks for introducing me to VRBO. Just stayed in great home in West Palm Beach.

  5. I know Michele…vrbo is the bomb, right? Love love love it! Donna

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