You have to give to receive….what Donna gave and what she got….

Santa has mean eyes, doesn't he?

I was thinking I had rounded up just about everything from the holidays, and put them away in their trusty crate…ornaments, Santas, angels, nutcrackers…..until I discovered one escapee hanging in the downstairs powder room(oh, the things Santa has been exposed to there…shocking…maybe that’s why he looks so incensed). That particular Santa I bought on a shoot for Great County Inns in Michigan, in Traverse Bay and Santa has real fur on his hat and for his beard.  I will let him stay a little longer, but the rest is gonzo.

I was pretty happy with the family gifts I sent this year….Cheryl’s cookies to one sister, Fat Mama’s Tamales to another…they may think I’m trying to make them fat..not so, of course :)… that is Sparkle power...

Let’s see… there were gold sequin Uggs featured on Oprah’s Ultimate Giveaway(I ordered them as soon as I saw them on tv) for my daughter who has always loved anything sparkly…still does.

Simple, elegant...looks good anywhere....

And for my son who has an iPad that is much beloved….a really great looking Block 22 Ipad stand by Sherwood and Meister-here…They are a small father-son design firm whose products are handmade. About them: “Our studio is located in the far northern reaches of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan surrounded by Lake Superior,  massive trees, open fields, a pack of sled dogs and a few pigs. We shovel snow for the 8 months of winter, and enjoy 14 hours a sunlight in the summer.” Come on…that is just plain fascinating! Love to meet these guys…

Ipad dock with stereo sound....

Along in the iPad theme, my son received this from Brookstone…it’s a stand and dock for the iPad with a speaker that is totally portable. He seemed to love them both.

Chan Luu wrap bracelet....

And for the lovely Jennifer a Chan Luu bracelet that I thought she would love….with tiny skulls on it. Oddly enough, my son gave her one that very similar….sooooo, she wears them both together!

Ok, enough about giving, what about what I got for Christmas??? Several things that I love, starting with Beats by Dr. Dre

Show me your Poker Face!!

Mine are part of the artist series …Heartbeats by Lady Gaga….….and I adored the little card the lovely Jennifer had included with them.  Gift cards with thought….a very nice touch.

So soft, so....silky!

And my sweet daughter gave me wonderful some ivory silk jammies….so soft…I adore them, especially at bedtime. Wish I had them on right now. And it’s good I got what I wanted…’s what happens when I don’t.

My older sister obviously torturing me....

Ok, that was a few years ago. I’m a much better sport now….really.


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  1. little missy—you can tell im not at all concerned with your tears—but im sure dad was on the way to fix your problems–which would be my fault–innocent as i was–and am!!!! i love you! thanks for letting me make your blog–topless noless!!!!!love it!!

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