Holiday wrapup…some of Donna’s favorite things…

Happy New Year everyone! There is so much to like about the holidays…and when you’ve had a whole week off without writing a single blog(so sorry)…there’s a lot of ground to cover, you know? So I will begin today by sharing some of my fav things from this week, in no particular order.

Flowers in the look...

First, a beautiful red Amaryllis. This flower has already lost two stalks of blooms, and then came around again, with another gorgeous stalk. And I love, love, love the burlap bag, which I found at a nursery in Birmingham where they had them as an option for potted plant gifts, and bought several sizes for a buck each(including some really big ones). I asked where they got them….they said, “Alabama Bag and Burlap…we just call and tell them what we want and they sew ‘em up for us.” I think burlap makes just about anything look better, especially something as elegant as an Amaryllis.

Celebrate...always a good motto!

I put lots of tiny pine cones over the pot’s soil, and the little “celebrate”  is a favor from a wedding several years ago here in Baltimore at the Visionary Arts Museum, that they had made by a local artist. I love them….Next, little golden pears that I’ve had for years, and each holiday season I pull them out and use them differently(from Pier One? maybe…).

And a pear in a partridge tree......

This year one was spotlighted on top of a picture frame….

Pear green bowl, a gold pear and pear shaped salt and pepper...

Another one sits on my new open shelves in the kitchen, alongside some pear green Emile Henry bowls , and pear-shaped salt and pepper mills of the same shade. Love the way they look together.

one flower or looks great...

And this set of “test tube” vases sitting in an iron frame, my sister Audrey gave me several years ago(love u sis!) I’ve always adored this..I even dragged it to nyc for a party, and it looks absolutely perfect in the new kitchen. And you can do just one flower in one tube, and it looks equally good. Gotta love that….

Cobalt blue salt cellars...

These dear little cobalt blue salt cellars were given to me a few years ago by a longtime friend, when she and her husband moved into a retirement home in Sykesville. Her father had been a British army officer and they lived in India for some years, but her home was London. We stayed once in her late Mother’s flat near Sloane Square years ago, which was not only a very fancy address, it was like stepping back in time..I can still see the inside of it. So these well-traveled salt cellars were used Christmas for dinner, with sea salt in them. Who knows  where they’ll go next? (To be continued, tomorrow…)


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