Donna’s very busy day….. come along for the ride!

So cute....two girls and a boy!

I’m working nights this week, and while I’m not normally a night person, working that shift this week gives me all kinds of daytime hours in which to finish all the crap that I have left to do…not to put too fine a term on it. 

I was off to Belvedere market off York Road first thing. I know that Atwaters Bakery runs out of stuff early around the holidays. Not this year my friends, not this year. So I bought some luscious looking breakfast scones and stuff and the cutie-pie gingerbread men in the picture.

great place for meat....

 I ran over to the Ceriello, also in Belvedere…great butcher shop with breads, Italian cookies, and cheeses.

A porketto? Porquetto? How about dinner?

 I can never walk by without buying something, and on this trip I discovered what was on the menu for Christmas day…a “porquetto”…or that’s what the guy said…I didn’t make him spell it. What is a porquetto, you may ask? The guy wrapping it said, “It’s a pork loin wrapped in pork belly, with garlic, olive oil and herbs in between.” Sold, wrap it up, and call it Christmas dinner. $6.99 a pound…not bad for something that took a little while to put together. He told me to roast it at 500 degrees for about 10 minutes, then lower the heat to 250 and slow roast it another hour and a half. Yummy.

Marta and her business partner Richard....

 Then I headed up York Road to Towson where I stopped for the first time to the new Havana Road Cafe…..I had wanted to see this new Cuban cuisine place since it opened, and to grab a couple of Cubano sandwiches (one of my all time favs) for dinner tonight.

The Cubano...Cuba's gift to me...

The place is super-cute and very festive with lights all over the ceiling…just a nice warm feel to it(not to mention smelling divine). I also took home a little Cuban brisket and some Cuban pork….OMG…the flavors are so rich and layered. Just amazing. And I can’t wait for dinner time and the Cubano…

Cutest baby ever????

Saw this cutie above out with Mom and Grandmom, all dressed up for Christmas. Isn’t she a love?? Her Mother wrote to me in the comment section and told me her name is Charlotte…a name I adore…but they call her Charlie. Sooooo sweet.


4 Responses

  1. Well enjoy your days. I’ve never been to Atwaters cafe but my friends rave about it. I always seem to forget about going there when I’m at Kenilworth. When ever I’m there I always seem to get a taste for pizza from Italian Gardens.

    Those nice cuts of meat look nice. As for my Christmas goodies I hope to get out to the PA Dutch market today in Cockeysville and buy some of their sugar cookies and baked goodies, which are to die for.

    But don’t you also have a few hours in the evening free. I remember several times seeing Marianne Bannister shopping at the Giant in Timonium and at Wegman’s in Hunt Valley around 7 – 8 PM on a week night. She must have been playing hookey those nights.

  2. Thank you for the adorable photo of our daughter Charlotte (Nicknamed “Charlie”)! She gets our vote for the cutest baby ever, but we are a little biased. We were up from DC visiting family and headed to our favorite Baltimore spot–Belvedere Square when we ran into Donna at Neopole. We were thrilled to be included on her blog.

  3. No doubt that Charlie is the cutest baby in Baltimore! Perhaps the cutest baby ever. Proud grandmother in Philadelphia.

  4. And she’s the sweetest baby, too! The proud Baltimore Grandmom thanks Donna for the great picture.

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