A working sink!! The kitchen makeover continues….

My new sink and faucet…hollah!!

I had a working sink over the weekend. Did you hear what I said? A WORKING SINK, WITH A FAUCET AND EVERYTHING! OK, not everything… exactly. A plastic bag was plugged into the hole in the disposal where the dishwasher  will(one day) drain, so you couldn’t use the disposal.(AND as Mary astutely noticed….the granite and subway tile backsplash are also in…love it!)

Is this frig clean, or what?

 But I could wash dishes…and clean the refrigerator so it can go to the Salvation Army(the thing has never looked so good), and wash my hands, and get a cup of water for tea. Oh, you never appreciate the luxury of the kitchen sink with hot and cold running water….until you don’t have it for a while. Know what I mean?

We had such fun with these for years....

 And I had to remove about a hundred tiny little magnets that have a lot of history for me. My wonderful, late Mother-in-law Shirley gave my daughter a silver metal lunchbox when she was little, and a set of magnetized words with which you could write little messages  inside. That lunchbox is long gone, but we kept the magnets and played with them over the years writing nonsense like “sweet hot peach“, and “gobble the smell“, or “the milk picnic” on the refrigerator. I brought them into work today, because it’s time for some other little girl or boy write silly messages on their refrigerator with them. Another transition.

late 3:00 lunch at Vino Rosina....

We ate out a couple of times this weekend(hey all I have is a sink, come on)….tried a new place downtown called Vino Rosina-here…it’s a really cool looking wine bar just off President Street close to the harbor….neat menu and guess what? On Christmas Eve, all bottles of wine are half off…you know that’s calling my name.

I love love love grilled cheese!!

 And it must be said that all grilled cheese sandwiches are good, the one Vino Rosina made with Jarlsburg and dijon was celestial..with a glass of rose sparkling wine…a fabulous late lunch.

It's soooo lovely here....

We had Sunday brunch at one of my fave spots for brunch...The Ambassador Dining Room-here close to Hopkins University. They really know how to do it…and for those who don’t want Indian food(more’s the pity because their’s is fabulous),  omelet and waffle bars too, plus Mimosas and Bloody Marys, included in the price of brunch. One of the best buys in town. And if the Bhindi Pyaaz is on the buffet( okra with tomatoes and onions)…don’t miss it…it’s my favorite dish!


4 Responses

  1. I know what your going through – this past summer my father and I completely redid our kitchen (not the brightest idea for someone that’s recovering from two reconstruction back surgeries!) And it was miserable not having a working sink or dish washer. I forgot how convenient it is to just throw the dishes in the washer and forget about em.

    The only bad thing was that our counters took for ever to get custom made ( I don’t think they had the right material) so we had our old sink and dishwasher in the new cabinets clamped on with U brackets – so during the two weeks we could at least wash our hands in the kitchen. Now the kitchen has been done for six months and looks great.

  2. wow..and you did it yourselves? Major props….

  3. Thanks. The only thing we didn’t do was the counters.

  4. Looks like you have your subway tile and granite in. You must be almost done. Wow nothing like a new kitchen for Christmas. What a pleasure it will be to cook.

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