Girls’ getaway…..what REALLY goes on…

The view for the weekend....nice, yes?

Ok, this weekend I’m headed down to the Magothy River….that’s where my friend Crissie lives. Her husband is headed to Australia for a business trip, and her youngest son went off to college this fall… it’s a perfect time and place for a girl’s retreat. And yes, we still call ourselves girls. A woman’s retreat sounds so….stiff, doesn’t it?

A true chick flick...and I never saw it!!

Anyway, I will drive a few people from Baltimore to her house  tomorrow morning….I’m packing comfy clothes(heavy on lounging), my walking shoes( I know they’ll want to go for an exercise walk), a bottle of wine(come on, it is the weekend), a tub of homemade pimento cheese that I prepared this week(love it on crackers with wine), salad greens(I’m in charge of salad-does that mean they don’t trust me?), and a Netflix movie I’ve been saving(Letters to Juliet – doesn’t get any more chick flick than that).  Nook optional, for the occasional quiet reading time….which I doubt comes.

We have a lot to talk about… at college, kids at their first job, kids getting divorced, kids hoping to have kids….and our respective husbands of course. There’s a lot that goes on in our lives….like yours. And the hubbies always wonder what we say about them behind their backs. That reminds me of a line from the Winona Ryder version of Little Women spoken in response to a question by their male neighbor  Laurie, who wondered what the March sisters do over in that house all day. His tutor replies…..”Over the mysteries  of female life, there is drawn a veil , best left undisturbed.” You said it, brother. You said it.

A glass of wine? I think I will....

But it will be good to relax, kick back, and catch up with some old friends(not that they’re old…we’ve been friends a long time…ok, we’re pretty old). We’ll laugh, make hurts all better or try, and attempt to solve all the various problems of our offspring . Lofty goals, I know. But it will be good. I hope you have as lovely a weekend….play nice, don’t throw rocks, call an old friend, and come home safe…’cause we miss you!


3 Responses

  1. Have fun Donna!! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend myself ~~ Heather

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And you couldn’t ask for better weather!!! Enjoy. Can’t wait to read your blog about your getaway!


  3. I recognize that view – Dobbins Island (Dutchship Island).. correct? I grew up on the Magothy myself, and spent many a weekend on the water at that very island.
    Hope that you had a wonderful girls-weekend – I’m sure that being on the water made it all the more peaceful and serene like a true get-away.

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