2010 Holiday Gift Guide Part II…keep on giving…



Behind the Wheel....for all automobile lovers...

ANOTHER great book…..Behind the Wheel…evidentally the pictures of James Dean, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen alone are worth the price…it’s available on Amazon for $32-click here…for the all the cool dudes out there….there are so many of you.



Jerboa Speakers...one of them anyway...

Everyone is always looking for sleek looking, tiny portable speakers that give great sound..and don’t cost a gazillion dollars…enter Jerboa speakers, compatible with iPods, computers, Blackberries, and named after a tiny little marsupial with giant ears-click here to see a picture …all the better to hear you with! They really are portable, pretty, come in brilliant colors…the classic is $49.99, and for the holidays they’re offering a bundle package for $129…that includes two speakers, a dual speaker connection cable, and and free shipping. You know I love free shipping. 


Autobiography of Mark Twain...100 years later...

And the who wouldn’t want to read a book that couldn’t be published for 100 years after your death? What did Mark Twain have to say that was sooooo terrible? Fascinating, like reaching out from the grave.  Give this and look so  smart, so literary, so….cognescenti. Look it up



Fallingwater...in Legos. Just completely clever.


his Lego Architecture series may be my favorite find this year….

Build the Sears Tower...in Legos!!

Who hasn’t spent hours on the floor playing with Legos….only the Lego Architecture-link here takes it to a whooooooole new level. You can build the White House for $49.99 or the Seattle Space Needle….for $19.99…or Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater…naturally a bit more…$99.99…but come on…it’s Frank Lloyd Wright. So cool.




How about these antique railroad map cufflinks made with your choice of towns(I’d pick Birmingham and Baltimore)… Very personalized. They’re sterling silver…$125.(I never said they were cheap..). Cuffart usually has a 25% promotion going on too, so that’s something. Enjoy, and I’ll pass along other ideas as I stumble across them….






Tale of Two Cities….from antique maps… 

 Some of you love cufflinks as gifts, and for those who collect them, these are differnt…from CuffArt-here.

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