In a touchscreen world, you need touchscreen gloves….

Gloves that work on a touchscreen???

Ok, these came in the mail today…and they were such a hit here in the newsroom that I have to pass it along pronto, since cold weather is here. Ever had to take or make a cell phone call in the cold, or use the ATM, and darn those gloves…you bite them off  so you can make the touch screen work? Sure you have, but no more, baby…no more.

See the silver yarn?? That makes them work...

The Aglove-here’s a link… is here…”it’s silver, it’s love, it’s everyday gloves reinvented“. Or that’s what the tag says. The Aglove was invented by a Boulder Colorado entrepreneur, Jennifer Spencer, is one of the 85 million Iphone users and  160,000 new Android users who want gloves that you can use with a touchscreen.

Greg Ng working the Agloves...

These gloves are knitted with silver-nylon yarn conducts bioelectricity from your hand to your fingertips(?), so they allow users to use any touch screen deviceIphones, Androids, Ipads, Samsungs, Blackberry Storm, Zune, Ipods…and while some other gloves have attempted to do the same thing, Agloves give ten finger functionality. And they’re only $17.99…hello stocking stuffer.

Mindy likes they way they feel...

But do they work? Two co-workers in the newsroom…Greg Ng and Stacey Wright…webmaster and executive producer respectively, each tried the Agloves. Verdict…love them. They immediately started ordering some for Christmas gifts, as did Mindy Basara for her hubby. She herself is not in touchscreen land(nor am I)…but her husband Iphones it in.  Soft, warm…you could even wear them in a chilly house or office and do your work. There. I (g)love you.


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  1. Okay let me get this off my chest: How much SWAG (Stuff We All Get) do you receive or is sent to the station for general use? I think I may just have to get into the news business.

    It seems like a good product. But then again I don’t have a touch screen device, and don’t intend to use one until they make one that is smudge proof. I know button less is the next big thing, but I would want a device that I can use with out having to carry Windex around with or wear those gloves 24/7.

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