At my fingertips…what’s on your night stand??

I was looking at my night stand the other day…it’s actually an old oak highboy…a small one, but large enough to hold books and lamps and stuff. And I like


An eyeshade(Lucy, I'm home!) is hanging on the side...

 This one I got recently at One King’s Lane, which I love…it’s kind of a Rue La La for home stuff. It’s cast concrete, with a brown “suede” shade. My old lamp had kicked the bucket…not cool…and definitely not lit. The eyeshade hanging on the lampshade is for the rare time I want to sleep in a little.



remotes are a must for a bedside table...

My remotes….one for the television, and one for the Bose Soundwave across the room. It was a birthday gift almost ten years ago, and I still love it, and play the same space music cd every night for sleep…Don Slepian Sea of Bliss…hear some here.  But in the am, I switch on

I love that picture...

A picture of my adorable daughter when she was little bitty….I just love that polka dot bow in her hair,  though I suspect we had a difference of opinion about it on picture day. And my favorite mother of pearl and brass bracelets that I should have put away, but just plunked down.

Smith's Rosebud...began in 1895...sold all over the world

Smith’s Rosebud Salve-here…hands down, the best lip balm in the world….I keep one at work, on the night table, and in the family room. I need it…I gotta-gotta have it. The lovely Jennifer says I’m addicted(this I cannot deny). Love the smell, the price, and it’s made in Woodsboro Maryland!!

My memory box....

This little box Marianne Banister gave me after the death of my Mother…she said to put something of her’s that I had in the box to remember her by. 

So pretty...

I kept Marianne’s really sweet note in the box, and the necklace is a costume piece my Mom had, that I think belonged to her Mother too. This is what it looks like closed. The gift was so thoughtful….and a lovely idea for someone who has lost someone special to them. My Mom would like it, I know.

the cat saucer underneath I love...

And last but not least, I really need a glass of water at night. It is terrible to wake up thirsty and not have anything to drink. The little cap over the glass, I found from a covered candle that I had…and it fit perfectly! Why, you may ask,  do I need a cover over my water? Because one time I found my little cat Muffy dipping her paw in my glass and then daintily licking her paw. I suspect she’s been doing that a long time, unbeknownst to me. Yeah, I know. Ironic, that the saucer underneath has a picture of a cat…..hmmm….


7 Responses

  1. Donna, Your Muffy sounds like a cat that I had who would come running when he heard water running in a sink or tub. He always dipped a paw in and licked the water off. We had many glasses of water knocked over as he tried to stick his paw in to get a drink.

  2. Bonnie your cat now lives at my house….

  3. I like you have to have a glass of water next to me at night. But unlike you I almost always have an thermal cup like the 34 oz Bubba Keg, It keeps water cold for 12 + hours. And I like you have a two sleeping masks, (something I started wearing when I was in the hospital after back surgery for a week) and ear plugs. I like going to sleep in a perfectly quiet and dark room, almost as a friend said it sounds to much like a coma to me.

    I have my TiVo remote, Comcast Remote, TV Remote (for the times the TiVo or Comcast just wont cut it) and Blu Ray remote all at my finger tips. Then on a separate table almost like a TV dinner table, but not quite, I have my laptop on it (another habit started when I had back surgery).

    As for Muffy sticking her paw in your glass of water you should take that as a compliment, cats are incredibly fastidious creatures, showing she trusts you to provide clean water. My families cats don’t do that but one has been known to walk up and put her face in our water. Most of the time we unfortunately don’t notice until we see her wet mug and tiny hairs in the glass.

  4. OK, that’s funny Ryan….the tiny hairs in the glass part. Sounds like you have a better bedside collection than me(blue-ray, hollah), and hope everything is better after the back surgery…ouch.

  5. Well you know the back surgery had to be done, having a benign tumor that grew causing you to break your back and then falling and breaking your back a second time.

  6. yowie….hope you’re better…

  7. It’s still a process going to have a third surgery in January hopefully to remove all the hardware. I posted a pic of the X-Ray on your facebook page.

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