I love looking for ideas for the holidays….and I start early. So when I find something I really like, the chances are you may like it to, so these are some of my faves so far….Enjoy the ideas, and feel free to pass along to your friends and family!

Perfectly personalized for your child's imagination....

And for the kid who has everything…they don’t have this…..Kidlandia custom maps…you can make up fantasy places and names from $29 to $69 dollars….I suspect it’s as much fun for parents to customize and order as it is for kids to receive(ok, maybe more).

A simple, beautiful solution to a real life problem....

For your gadget lover…they need a place to charge all those tech toys….The Sanctuary…. from Blue Lounge. $129….love it. I gave my daughter a smaller version of this last year…she adores it, and it comes with all the connectors you could ever want.

I loved the series....have it for my Poppa-in-law...

The Pacific DVD series….from HBO  …($42.99 on Amazon)for history buffs or just those who love good tv, but don’t have HBO(poor suckers)…. Band of Brothers producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg re-team to produce this epic 10-part miniseries. I know some of you thought BOB was better….that’s debatable…all I know is The Pacific is darn good  television. Thanks HBO.


Kidcraft-here’s a link makes all sorts of lovely , kinda retro things for kids….like toy kitchens, dollhouses, and this cow rocker…that you ride!  Come on, that is just one really cute rocker! I found it at Toys R Us-link here for $70…not cheap, but a keeper for years to come, and I’ve seen it on other websites for considerably more.

Shape-sorting(not shape-shifting) cube....

Here’s another fabulous maker of kid’s toys…a little retro, and great things to play with and educate your toddler…Melissa and Doug(click here) make great toys, at great prices. Remember the little wooden puzzles with pictures of farm animals? They have it…and free shipping for orders over $75…

Get down with your inner geek...

Stocking Stuffer alert!! Say goodbye to the clunky chunks of plastic and metal that blocked the driver’s side cup holder! This tiny usb power adapter for your car…means you don’t need a separate charger for your phone or ipod….just plug it in…It’s from Think Geek…stuff for smart masses. $7.99.

a caffeine boost for your electronics...

Or if you have more than one device(which means you are a super-geek) that needs charging while you’re on the go….a coffee cup power inverter….how cute is that?  Also from Think Geek….$29.99.

Men's faces need a little love, too...

For those mornings when waking up is toughNickel’s Morning After Rescue Gel..Natural wheat and soybean-based proteins, along with caffeine and  Hamamelidacea extracts, “ give your skin radiance and softness and have a stretching and firming effect on skin“(hey, that’s what it says…I’ve never heard of  Hamamelidacea extracts either). $32 at Amazon–it was sold out some places.

Papa at 54 on safari....photo credit: JFK Library

For history or sports buffs…especially hunters….how about a new book just out called Hemingway’s Guns…..looks like a fascinating read. New evidence shows that the gun pictured above is probably the one with which he committed suicide….not the one historians thought. Fascinating investigation that involved digging up the gun that had been melted and buried.

A must for Hemingway fans...

Papa H evidentally loved to teach other s to shoot and hunt….the book includes short excerpts from Hemingway’s works…and these stories of his guns and rifles tell us much about him as a lifelong, expert hunter and shooter, and as a man.You can get the book at Amazon-click here for around $25….

20 animal sculptures-no scissors or glue needed!

I love this. This one looks like fun for kids and their parents to work on…Magical Menagerie from style savvy West Elm(they also have some adult games like Foodie Fight-Iwant that one), is illustrated by Japanese artist Junzo Terada, simply pop out the colorful pieces and fit the matching slots together. Perfect for playing or displaying on your desk or in your child’s room. Oh, and free shipping ♥♥!

Stylish and functional....

And this looks so comfy for frequent travelers, whether by plane or megabus….never hurst to have a nice pillow and eye mask…especially from organic velvet, right? This set is $32 from Crunchy Granola Home-click here…they specialize in organic and earth friendly home products. Oh and they’re offering free shipping for all standard shipping November and December! You can definitely find some great gifts there.

I want the reindeer..no, the pig!

And last(for this list-I’m working on another one-feel free to send ideas that you’ve seen), another selection from West Elm-here… that has a whole bunch of cute things AND free shipping. These insulated animal mugs are made of procelain(no BPA) and a silicone grip to protect your plump little paws, and the lids can also act as a teabag holder…which I need for my afternoon green tea. $18….

Part two is in the works…hope to have it out in another week or so!


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  1. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for the mention in your holiday gift guide. Just wanted to let you know that ALL standard shipping at Crunchy Granola Home is free for November and December. Happy Holiday shopping!

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