Some lamb dreams were never meant to be….

Me, after peering into my slow cooker...

Ok, you know how I was all about the lamb in the crockpot yesterday…how fab it was gonna be…how smart am I, blah, blah, blah? Here’s the thing…when I arrived home yesterday, I put the mail down on the table, brought in a box that had been left on the front porch(hello Rue La La…no, not something for me…ties for xmas presents, so there)….and went straight into the kitchen. I have been oddly starving lately…seriously…I wonder what’s up, I’m just really hongry. (Hongry is one notch above hungry, fyi)..and nothing. No fragrant smell of lamb and garlic, no gentle steam coming from the crockpot…just a cold hunk of raw lamb sitting in some chicken broth and soy sauce. Aghast(really, I was horrified), I realized I had plugged the slow cooker into an outlet….that’s right, that doesn’t work. Why? WHY?

SO, dinner consisted of some skillet sautéed Andouille sausage, some leftover sweet potatoes and I steamed some brocoli. Not terrible, but it was a bitter disappointment, let me tell you. I plugged the cooker into an outlet that actually has electricity and let it simmer away the rest of the evening. Should be great this weekend, but still. Still.

I like this distressed black.....

What’s up for Halloween weekend? Tomorrow morning  I head off to visit a kitchen designer(I told you I’m knocking out part of a wall…and kinda redoing some things…not a MAJOR$$$ thing…though anytime you start kitchen stuff, you better be ready to ante up some dollah bills, ya’ll.

I hope you don’t gasp at the black cabinets…..I know lots of people love white cabinets and light cabinets and dark granite  in their kitchens and it is a pretty combo…but  somehow I really like the dark distressed cabinetry with a lighter colored countertop.

Pretty with dark cabinets???

 I’ve considered concrete countertops….I love the look, but in the end it may cost more than I want to spend and I’m really not sure about the upkeep. Probably I’ll end up with the ubiquitous granite, just like everyone else in the world.Thoughts, ideas, concerns??? Anyone have concrete and love it??

Yep, all stocked up....with my favs....

On Halloween proper…no, I do not dress up…nor do I go out(somebody has to guard the homestead)….But we are having lunch with friends down the street that day(hopefully no noon time trick or treaters?)….and then dinner at home(leftover crock pot lamb anyone?).

Someone asked if I get many trick or treaters. You know, it depends. Some years we have a lot, and last year, none at all…which meant a lot of fun size Reese’s Cups for Donna to eat. It must be said though, our house is a bit of a climb up steps….and sometimes I think groups see easier pickings just down the street and say, “Oh, to heck with them and their steps…let’s move on.” But it feels a little sad when I have no little monsters at all…like somehow the holiday is changing . I hope that’s not true. And if you do come to my house…I am stocked with more Reese’s!! Have a great Halloween, cook something nice and slow for dinner this weekend, be nice to each other and don’t throw rocks….oh, and come home safe, ’cause we miss you.

13 Responses

  1. I always buy Halloween candy that I don’t like so I won’t (hopefully) eat it.

  2. You are REALLY asking for trouble to buy a candy you LIKE for the “trick or treaters”…..I do JUST the opposite. I try to get something decent and not lollipops or taffy, but definitely NOT something I would eat if there are leftovers. I hope your lamb works out. I’m leary because of the crockpot. It seems like everything tasted alike when I used to use one. Hope yours is worth the wait. Please tell us next week.

  3. Oh sorry about the lamb Donna! What a dissapointment. My tacos were good.But really I like the concrete tops, especially some that I saw on a tv show that use mostly post consumer recycled stuff. I also saw some really really cool post consumer glass tops that can be custom cast. I, as you might imagine, am a total kitchen design/remodel GEEK! I designed the “small but mighty” kitchen in our house when we rehabed the house and while I am happy with it I am always looking enviously at the things I wanted to do but couldn’t because of budget restrictions. I will redo my counters one day and I want some cool concrete or glass this time around, yeah go recycled!

  4. Oh and my slow cook is the ” corned chuck” ha ha

  5. Donna–aren’t you nervous about eating meat that was sitting at room termperature all day?

  6. Hi Donna!!!
    I am a huge fan, and i think your idea of giving out candy you like is smart. At least you wont be throwing out the leftovers. 😛

  7. Good luck with the kitchen. My family just redid ours and it turned out great.

    I just went out to get candy and I think I came home with too many bags. I got about 7 bags of candy and a box of pretzel packs. Where I live it’s hit or miss, we live in a dead end street and we are lucky if we get 30 kids. Either way the kiddos will have a ton of candy to grab. As for the pretzels they are my Halloween treats – I’ve been on a pretzel eating binge.

  8. Donna—no doubt you are a fabulous cook, BUT, restarting the lamb after sitting all day at room temp??? Food safety issues, perhaps?? Would hate to lose you on the air to CrockPot tummy cramps!! Be safe and let us know how you are. I would have trashed the mistake and start over!!

  9. Ok for those of you who are concerned about the safety of lamb sitting at room temp all day…I did consider that. But it is a fabulous roast(did I say it was grass fed?)…and it wasn’t warm in the house….or a hot day. And my feeling is this…I think this country has gotten a little crazy over food safety(says the health reporter). The lovely Jennifer one time had some cheeses delivered to a vacation house in Charleston for all of us from nyc. A delivery snafu had them sitting unrefrigerated for a day or two. She wanted to trash all those expensive cheeses. I said, “Jen cheese IS fermented milk…sitting at room temp won’t hurt them.” We enjoyed every one. That said….I do agree the lamb had to be thoroughly cooked to kill any possible bacteria that might have grown(which I doubt was very much). My motto…when in doubt heat the hell out of it. If I’m not at work Monday, you’ll know what happened…:)
    Ryan…pretzels on Halloween…it’s not chocolate, but if it works for you..
    And thanks Laurie…I felt a little bad about my choices, but I can’t stand throwing away candy. And it’s a fact that people who give chocolate on Halloween are more popular than those who give lollipops. We just are.

  10. I, too, was a little concerned about the meat sitting in the crockpot for the day but I also agree that we have gone a little over the top when it comes to food safety. Our family let the Thanksgiving leftovers sit out all day and we are all still alive to tell how much we enjoyed them. My 78 year old mother (who is an R.N.) would say the same thing,”cook the hell out of it and enjoy every bite”!

  11. OK Donna, this sounds simply awesome and I have a lamb in the freezer, so is the recipe as simple as that? How much soy sauce did you use? Thanks and I’m sure it was super delicious, whether it sat out all day or not 🙂

  12. For all you chocolate people–my daughter’s favorite candies are not chocolate! She prefers the pure sugar varieties. And I also love the Skittles and gummies!

  13. We visited Granite for Less in Cockeysville on Friday and spent some time with Dulcie (aka the Kitchen Goddess)…she is wonderful; very knowledgeable, brought up all sorts of things we never would have. I love the black cabinets, but I’m going french cream. I was interested in the concrete counter tops, too…but from all I’ve read, there are not many people who are really good at it, and you do have to re-seal every few years.

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