Dreaming of crockpot lamb……

The results I'm hoping for.....yum...

I’m sitting here at work, going over scripts, writing, editing…pretty soon it will be makeup time…wheeeee….and while I am crunching on my daily salad topped with canned salmon, I’m secretly dreaming of what’s waiting for me at home….leg of lamb slowly tenderizing in a slow cooker…..ummmm.

I’ve had this little boned lamb roast in the freezer for a while…ever since I bought a whole lamb (what was I thinking?)from the Eastern Shore….we’ve been slowly eating our way through frozen grass fed lamb ever since. Yesterday morning I took the roast out of the freezer…it looked kind of like a frozen football…and put it in the sink to thaw, then last night started researching if one can cook lamb in a crockpot. The short answer is yes.

And the consensus seemed to be universal that the results are freakin’ fabulous….not to mention easy. Hey, I can do that. So I stuck  slivers of garlic in the roast and peppered it(salt is coming later, you’ll see) and put in the fridge overnight. Then this morning, right before I left for work, I put it in the crockpot on low, added a cup of chicken broth and a little soy sauce(the salt, you see)…and I was off.

When I get home I’ll roast some potatoes chunks with garlic and lemon, and steam some brocoli….and call it dinner. No, I’ll call it an amazing dinner.  Now…I really have to get my mind back on work. I’ll think of you tonight.

6 Responses

  1. MMMmm sounds much better than the Tacos I’m having tonight, but that’s what my daughter picked for her dinner night.

  2. At 4 pm Paul, tacos sound pretty good too. Ever had the duck confit tacos at 13.5% Wine Bar? love them!

  3. Hey Donna, Can I come live with you. It sounds so very very good. Enjoy!

  4. I do have a couple of empty bedrooms….:)

  5. Sounds really good! My mother puts the garlic slivers in her roast, too, but first puts a little salt in each slit. I guess in that case you wouldn’t need the extra salt from the soy sauce. But your recipe sounds very good, too.

  6. Donna I have not yet but that sounds like my kind of Taco! I am going to be in Baltimore in a few weeks for work and that sounds like a great way to beat rush hour.Thanks for the idea!

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