Sweetest Halloween Ever….

Yummiest ghosts and goblins ever...

I don’t think I’ve ever shared Cheryl’s Cookies with you. It’s not that I was being selfish, or trying to keep it all to myself…sometimes I just don’t think about something until ding…..light dawns on yonder rock. You know what I mean.  So…I’m sharing Cheryl’s!

Cookies for birthdays.....

Like so many things(Kiehl’s comes to mind), I was introduced to them by the lovely Jennifer. She and my son were coming to visit one Easter, and knowing that I do a big lunch for around 25-ish people( every year I think never again), she had some frosted egg-shaped cookies sent to me…lovely pastel green, pink and yellow in a pretty basket. Cute sure, but since I’m not really a fan of sugar cookies…I wasn’t sure I would dig them. Until I took….one….bite. Wow. The cookies are like soft buttery shortbread…not crunchy…and the buttercream frosting is to die for. Unreal.

And since they come individually wrapped, you can put some in the freezer for later…or safely give them out for Halloween(if you’re that generous-at my house they get mini Kit-Kats.)…but they really do make fantastic gifts….for a hostess, a birthday, get well, or just thinking about you. 

precious for Thanksgiving...

And I got an email from them this morning that everything on the Cheryl’s website(click here)…is 25 % off! And they also have a section that is free shipping…so there you can save even more.

Cookies for the cure!!

They also make brownies which I’ve ordered…really fudgy…just the way I like them. (OK, now I’m hungry, I’m placing an order immediately). Anyway…from me…to you….some sweetness for the weekend. Play nice, don’t throw rocks (no matter who you’re voting for)….and do a kindness for someone this weekend. Oh, and come home safe, ’cause we miss you.

3 Responses

  1. Sent my great nieces in FL and NC a big assortment package two weeks ago as a Halloween treat….they love them! I don’t think they made it to the freezer. I must confess I have not tried them myself..guess I better send some to me.

  2. My advice…yes, send some to you! 🙂

  3. You’ve mentioned desserts… did you see the report about that Pumpple cake??? 1,800 calories a SLICE?? Supposedly the dessert equivalent of the turducken…. pumpkin pie baked in a chocolate cake, apple pie baked in a vanilla cake, stacked on top of each other, with buttercream frosting inbetween and around the layers. 15 POUNDS. I’ve been seeing articles on the ‘net about it. I was cracking up laughing reading the description of the dessert. Some bakery in Philadelphia is responsible for that monstrosity. Talk about sweet desserts.. LOL

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