Make it Work!…. Creating a sleeveless blouse in 5 minutes…

A pretty blouse, but the sleeves don't work for me...

Ok, I bought this lovely silk, wine colored BCBG Max Azria shirt last fall(off Rue La La, if you must know). Love the color, love the hammered satin fabric, love the bow at the neck….hate the sleeves.

 They’re just little, puffy mini-cap sleeves that I don’t like and if I try to wear it under a cardigan….they stick up and make lumps underneath…which I do not appreciate.

Scissors in hand, I remove the offending sleeves...

So yesterday, as I was struggling with this piece of clothing, I thought…what on earth am I doing? My practical angel said “You don’t like the sleeves, you never wear the blouse without something over it…just cut them off,  Donna. Cut them off..right now, while you’re still wearing it. What are you waiting for?”

My impractical angel was shocked… “That’s a lovely silk blouse Donna…you’re ruining it. What would Max Azria say?” To which the practical angel replied, “Sister, if Max knew what he was doing, he’d have made it sleeveless anyway.”

So I whipped out my scissors and whacked the sleeves off…yes…while I still had it on. Oh, sure if was a little difficult at the back, but I still got the job done. 

All's well that ends well, right?

And, it fit perfectly under the thin cardigan I was wearing yesterday on the air. I’m practically a couturier seamstress. And to soothe those of you who sew and are shaking your heads in disgust, I want you to know… I will take this blouse to a seamstress at the cleaners, and have them redo the arm seams and maybe even have them cut it in on the shoulder a little…I like that. In the end, Max Azria may think…”Why didn’t I think of that? It’s brilliant!” Just goes to show you, ain’t nothin’ sacred about any piece of clothing, if it’s not working…as Tim Gunn from Project Runway would say, Make it work!”.

5 Responses

  1. Good for you….I don’t know why designers put on little cappy sleeves…no one over the age of 12 should wear a puffy cap sleeve…IMO. Color is great you you!

  2. I’m not shaking my head in disgust. In fact, I feel so much better now that you said that. And now I can confess too. I bought a cute little duet top..a green and white cardigan sweater with an attached white t’shirt-wannabe underneath. The white part was horrible but I really like the way the sweater fits, so I cut out the offensive part and just wear the sweater over my own tops and it’s great!

  3. Donna,

    Love the blouse and your shortcut. Also, love Rue La La but they take forever to send and item, you almost forget you even ordered it.

  4. Leila….that’s so true! Sometimes they do take a while…I got my husband a watch for his birthday, but his birthday came and went and I had forgotten I’d even ordered it, and then boom, there it was! Late b-day present.
    Casey…rock on with the scissors girl…we’re just designers at heart….:)

  5. hi sis—-mom would soooo have done the same thing!!! you are “cut from the same clothe”!!!! good play on words??? you rock, little sister—i love you!

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