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It’s Friday, people….
October 8, 2010

Ok, this is the real name of the it!

Ok, first an update on the poison ivy breakout…saw dermatologist Dr. Ciro Martin yesterday as I told you. After I asked him about prescribing some  prednisone pills….he said, “Let’s try a gel first…and if that doesn’t make it better by tomorrow, I’ll call in the prednisone“. I accepted that…I know prednisone has its own considerable side effects, and why take it, if you don’t need to…right? Soooooo, after using Clobiicantsayit Propefolroerieolsieru yesterday, all spots on my eye, jaw, neck are all better. Itching gone, swelling down…seriously, that is a magic medication. Major props to the doc…if you get poison ivy sometimes, you should keep some on hand. Love it.

Let’s see, I’ve finished writing a story for air Monday…I’m listening to past selections from Roadhouse Blues (WTMD’s Friday night blues show-you can listen here) and writing this post. My daughter just emailed to ask if we were having dinner together tonight…I told her we had unfortunately accepted an invitation to a tapas-wine party some time ago(which I’m looking forward to-didn’t tell her that). She emailed back…”Worst parents ever!” She was kidding…I think?

Fried chicken and gumbo, here I come.....

But we’ll see her tomorrow night for a birthday celebration(not mine btw), and we’re trying something new(you know how hard that is for me)…going to Darker Than Blue Cafe in Waverly-here’s a link. They specialize in southern cuisine(you know I love that), AND they have jazz on Saturday nights! Fun…..I’ll let you know how it goes. Oh, and it’s BYOB…(you also know how I love that!).

Olive oil cake.....with cornmeal too...

Sunday some friends are coming over for lunch….not sure what I’m making yet…but I want to try an olive oil cake I read about on Chow…here’s a link. It looks pretty easy…I love olive oil, and with a little crunch from the cornmeal and a hint of orange…it sounds divine.

And it should be such a gorgeous day, we can sit on the back porch and chat in the sunshine, eat cake and drink some wine, (and keep an eye on the Ravens game)…doesn’t that sound nice? I hope all of you make it a nice weekend(sometimes it takes some designing), don’t throw rocks, make plans to see some friends that you haven’t seen in a while, make a cake and come home safe…’cause we miss you.