Poison Ivy…..in a most unfortunate place!

Wow, this is not a good look for me....

Ok, here’s the deal….I have poison ivy…in an unfortunate place. No, not there…actually that might be better. It’s on my face, which in my line of work, is…ummmm…bad.

I did clip some ivy this weekend….but I did so very, very very very carefully. But even as I did that, I was thinking, “You better watch out girl, or you gonna end up with a bad ole rash...”. And… here I am.

Last evening makeup covered it fine, but it was new then. Today? We’ll see how things unfold….I’m going to see my dermie Dr. Martins early afternoon. So I hope he gives me somthing, a shot, pills…anything to nip this in the bud. Or relative bud. Right now I’m sitting here writing this with a vinegar baking soda paste on it….I look soooooo hot, I can’t even tell you. My daughter called and said, “You should really just go home, it must be embarassing for everyone.” So sweet!


5 Responses

  1. Don’t worry about it so much Donna. You look good all the time. Besides, your cheerful personality makes up for a little temporary blimish.

  2. So sorry about the P.I. – be careful what shot the doctor gives you. I had it a few years back, and the doctor gave me a shot of epinefrine(sp) – I promptly had a heart attack!

    Love your blog, I really look forward to reading it everyday.

  3. To Barbara…Yikes! I will make sure THAT doesn’t happen…and To Bob…doubtful. Doubtful. But thanks…

  4. Donna, pick up some Tecnu wash and lotion at Rite Aid or Walgreen’s. It’s clear and you can actually put makeup on over it. They say you should treat from the inside, too, so if the doctor didn’t give you pills, benadryl will help.

  5. I didn’t even notice the poison ivy on 11 News at noon. It’s not noticeable in HD. So think you must be a pro with the makeup brush.

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