Jawbone hell…aargh!

My Jawabone...giving me the evil eye...

Ok….I ordered a Jawbone Bluetooth device, because as everyone in Maryland knows(or should know) it’s now ILLEGAL to talk on your phone without a hands free device. I want to comply with the law…obvie.

So yesterday, the Jawbone finally came in the mail….I plugged it in overnight to charge…and went about trying to set it up this morning to sync with my Blackberry(pairing they call it…like an electronic marriage, or, they’re at least dating exclusively).

It fits my ear…pretty well.

I’ve done forums what Blackberry Forums said I should.

Nothing. Just…nothing. The Blackberry refuses to go out with the Jawbone…not even a second look. Then I tried again in the newsroom, and my Blackberry started recognizing all the devices around me like crazy….aargh, NO! So it wants to play with other people’s devices, just not its own?

I think what has happened is the Blackberry somehow has sensed that this Jawbone came from Overstock(and I Love Overstock, for the most part). “Hey, lady….you order some on-sale, cut-rate little Jawbone from leftovers dot com? Overstock…what evs, lady…. I’m just supposed to roll over and like it? No way, baby…get me a Jawbone at full price or no deal!”

Overstoctober...come on, that's kinda funny...

And the truth is…that’s exactly what happened. Come on, who could resist a cupcake full of candles come-on like, “Donna what would you like to save on today?” A jawbone, that’s what. And I did, buuuuuut…it ain’t working yet. Don’t call me.

Update 5 hours later: I asked Howard Melnick, my geek-on-call here at WBAL(he’s not really a geek but he calls himself one) for help….He went online, figured it out and bingo….I’m talking on my jawbone!! Can you hear me now?

 P.S. My daughter is having to change how she spells her name so the Blackberry can voice dial her….little birth certificate change, no biggie.


2 Responses

  1. Ahh, the jawbone….just wait till your in mid conversation and it falls out of your ear into your lap while driving on 695. At that moment, you find out just how small it is and, at least in my case, how big your lap is 🙂 Good luck. I do love it though–when it stays put.

  2. I have the Zomm — it doesn’t call out for me – but that is ok because I normally don’t use my cell phone in the car — the mall another story! Anyways — Zomm converts your phone into a speaker phone attached to your keys. Which is perfect for me because I am normally the only one in my car besides the Grandchildren. It also acts as a “Phone locator” if you misplace your phone – or away from your phone by 30′. So far so everything is working ok.

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