Breakfast with Bayliss…and $47 cupcakes…

early morning at Xoco...a Rick Bayliss restaurant...

The lovely Jennifer, my daughter-in-law, was in Chicago for a business trip this week…and this morning, she was stepping outside her comfort zone and walking to Xoco to meet her aunt Connie in Chi-town for an early morning breakfast(she sent me the pic above this morning). She was also super-excited as was I…we are both big fans of Rick Bayliss. If you saw him on Top Chef Masters…he was the one who was the master of Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine. Always calm, unflappable, and kind…not at all what you’d expect from a big name chef.

Get in here with your little jam pots!!

She and I share a love of a good room service breakfast when you travel….at a nice hotel anyway. I remember one experience where they brought plastic cutlery…NOOOOOOOOOO! But when a nice table covered with white linen rattles in, with a silver coffee pot and creamer, nice china and hot eggs and bacon….while you’re in your bathrobe….it’s a little slice of heaven. But one doesn’t give up a chance to go to a Rick Bayliss place.

Hey little sister!!

 XOCO(which is slang for “little sister”)specializes in Mexican street food from one of America’s top chefs(which means you’re not nervous about eating it).

Mmmmmmm.....churros...and coffee...

 Churros, tortas, caldos..and mmmm…hot frothy Mexican hot chocolate. I was jealous.

Jen and my son are passing through Baltie briefly tonight…dinner, crash at our house, and then off to Annapolis early tomorrow morning for a wedding and straight back to New York. So this morning, while Jen was enjoying hot from the fryer churros…I was changing the sheets in the guest room and throwing shoes in the closet. Don’t really have to worry about dinner…we’ll eat out…probably 13.5% Wine Bar in Hampden which is close to work,(though I’ve got to mix it up a little-last time I was there, the waiter saw me and said “It must be Friday“…how predictable am I?) and lots of fun, and not too expensive. (Hey, when you’re paying for dinner for 5 wine-drinking adults…that’s important).

Cupcakes....what's not to like?

And this afternoon I’m headed down to Charm City Cupcakes to use my Groupon there! One dozen cupcakes(4 key lime, 4 red velvet, and 4 chocolate mousse Pimlico) at half price…dig it…so we can have dessert at home. I want a cupcake right now.(Side note-just returned from downtown where I parked in a no parking zone for 5 minutes to run in and grab cupcakes…got a $32 ticket. So $15 groupon + $32=$47 cupcakes…sigh. This is no fault of Charm City Cupcakes-just my being a dumbo.)

Hope you’ve all dried out a little from the torrential downpour yesterday…one of my neighbors had an 80 foot spruce tree come down onto the power lines in front of his house(yikes)….luckily it spared his home, but it was such a gorgeous tree. Hope all of you escaped unscathed. It’s Friday people…I hope you’re enjoying your family as much as I’ll enjoy mine(briefly)…play nice, don’t throw rocks and come home safe…’cause we miss you!


4 Responses

  1. Donna-
    I know you are a big Charm City Cupcakes fan, and I certainly understand why… they are fantastic! As I live in the northwest part of the county, I don’t make it down to Fed Hill often, but I have found another gourmet cupcake shop in Reisterstown called Icedgems. The cool thing about them is they have a truck the drives around the metro area selling their goods (Cupcakes are also obviously sold in the bakery). The truck posts where they will be that day on the shops Facebook page. The truck usually hits a couple spots daily. I know they frequent the Falls Rd corridor in the city often. Check them out, they are fantastic cupcakes as well. Here’s their website.
    I even heard they are going to be featrured on Travel Channel, Andrew Zimern’s show. Anyway, enjoy the breif visit by the family. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Maggie…you’re thinking about CupCake Company cupcakes in Federal, whichi I was obsessed with….they are no longer there. Another company has taken over their spot….and they may be just as delicious, haven’t had one. Charm City cupcakes in on Charles St. just south of Mt Vernon. And I have read about Iced Gems…would love to try them. I’ll go to their website and find out where they’ll be…thanks!

  3. Donna,

    Just wanted to say thank you for turning me on to Groupon. I brought a coupon for Gardiners Furniture for $50 and it was worth $200, brought a beautiful small curio for my home…wow what a bargain! Thanks, and love your blog.

  4. Leila my dear, you are most welcome….enjoy!

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