You Don’t Know Jacques….

My new nail polish shade....

Like many of you, I am a creature of habit…I keep my hair the same color, I love things in grey, I have a yoga routine that I stick to…and I’ve been wearing the same shade of nail polish on my toes for years…a nice basic off-white. It goes with everything and I love it…not red, not orange, not pink…just…off white.

So my nail technician( do they call them that?) at my walk-in ($20 pedi-hollah!) nail place was kinda surprised when I stepped off the path and picked …You Don’t Know Jacques..a taupe/eggplant/gray shade. Seriously, that’s what it’s called. OPI…the nail polish company…must have someone in a back room with a sense of humor(I’m Not Really a Waitress) and who knows a little about history(remember Melon of Troy, anyone?), whose sole job is to creatively name polish colors.

Try it on...on longer nails than I'll ever have...

And OPI has a fun little feature I stumbled across on their website…a “Try it on” page-here’s a link, where you can pick the color of your skin and the length of nails(kinda-the shortest you could pick still looked pretty long to me)..but still, it’s fun to see what the different colors look like.

My daughter, who has loved the darker colors for a long time, had one thing to say about You Don’t Know Jacques…”Welcome to the 21st century, Mom“.

9 Responses

  1. Oh my, that’s hilarious.
    I usually like routine too but nail colors have always got to change!
    P.S. LOVE the grey nail polish, I went hunting for a matte one yesterday but they were all sold out! 😦

  2. I saw the suede matte polishes….is it pretty? Seems strange for nails not to be shiny!

  3. Love, love, love their nail polish names….but your link didn’t work for me….Boo-Hoo! (Never fear, I’ll find it…thanks for the idea.)

  4. So I am officially in LOVE with “Hamilton’s Habitat”! And I am in LOVE with that color! Very nice!

  5. The love is reciprocated…no worries. And thanks!!

  6. Try it again Carole….I linked it differently. Duh…my bad.

  7. OT, but don’t forget! Havana Road opens today (Thursday)!

    With this weather, you may need a dinghy or an ark…

  8. What fun! Thanks for the OPI site. I have tried on lots of colors. Now I am going to paint my toes a happy color!

  9. Monica, you don’t know Jacques. 🙂

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