Spotted in Mt Vernon….Donna’s adventures at the Book Festival

Me and Ree..just chillin'...

Loved meeting Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond on Sunday…she was super nice and lots of fun…not that that’s a shocker. I was a little suprised that she wasn’t planning to speak first and then do some questions and answers….an hour is a long time to fill, but in the end it was easy, really. I asked everything I wanted to know, and then the audience had plenty of their own(great) questions.  Then Ree was off to the airport and back to Oklahoma and the ranch. We both agreed on one thing…when a woman travels for work occasionally, the best thing about it is a hotel room to yourself, a long bath and room service. Definitely. Also spotted in Mt. Vernon

Ham and eggs, potato pancakes and spiced apples...

Had a nice brunch at City Cafe  pre-book festival…hip spot that had quite a following(and there were two tv screens for one of us to follow football).

Hello pretty orange thing...

This is a Mimosa City Cafe style(huge)…and a cranberry something or other…reading glasses for perusing the menu.


Interesting footgear on the guy sitting in front of me at a food demonstration…I wonder if they’re comfortable…isn’t it hard to get your toes in the little toe thingies?

Isn't the carving gorgeous?

Beautiful doorway at a house on Mt. Vernon place….love the detail on the door and look closer at the ceiling light….

So delicate...soooo pretty...

Totally charming…and a guy had a big moving sale going on…but just as I was about to trip trop upstairs to look at his wares(rhymes, get it?)…someone grabbed me, and hustled me off, saying  it was time to interview Ree…foiled again.


3 Responses

  1. I was watching Morning Joe when they had the BiPartisan Health Challenge and saw the same shoes. Luke Russert, the son of the late Tim Russert, was wearing them as they walked around the National Mall. Luke got alot of criticism for how creepy the shoes are but apparently they are very comfortable and help with pain.

  2. Donna-
    Those “toe shoes” are very comfortable, just like walking around in bare feet. I own a pair, but typically wear them when I am doing water sports (I kayak) and they are good for anytime where you may be in and out of the water, as they dry quickly. And believe it or not, they are great to run in… They conform to your feet and after a little adjustment period, they feel as good as any expensive pair of running sneakers. They are made by a company called Vibram, here’a a link:
    If you enjoy being barefoot, you’ll love them.


  3. Oh, I LOVE the Vibram Five Fingers! They are very comfortable indeed!

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