Now That’s a rock….ever tried on a $600,000 diamond ring?

Wow….now that’s an engagement ring….

It really was amazing,  just the overall glitter, and sparkle, and sheer hunkiness of the thing….a gorgeous 5 and half carat diamond solitaire….at Tiffany’s, of course. I’m  not at all sure how I ended up on the invitation list for a little soiree last night at Tiffany’s…I knew all of 2 people there….the rest, complete strangers. But whatever, sure, I’d love to go to a party, so…. my daughter and I trotted over the check out the new Tiffany’s in Towson . And yes, they were checking names at the door, so you couldn’t just wander in….please.

Tiffany's party goers...well dressed, of course..

The place is, as you would expect…lovely. All done in silver and Tiffany blue…I would have taken more pictures, but my daughter was quite embarrassed at my doing so…”Mom, stop it…you’re acting like one else is taking pictures, and you’re making the sales people nervous.” I’m not really sure that last part is true…surely someone was snapping shots with cell phones….but I acquiesced to her need.

White wine AND jewelry? I'd love to...

We were gaping at the solitaires, and the one you see in the first pic in particular….a lovely woman came over and asked if we’d like to try it on.  My mouth was open to say, no…that’s ok…but my daughter beat me to it with a , “Yes, yes yes!!”  So in the end we both tried on a piece of jewelry that costs more than…my house… and our cars… and…. just about everything we own. Seriously, think about it….600 grand ON YOUR FINGER. That my friend, sets the rich apart from you and me. But Tiffany’s has something for almost every price range….you can get a key ring for about $50.

I’m heading off to Whole Foods right now…they have catfish on sale for $4.99 a pound today(someone who wears a big-ass diamond ring 1. doesn’t eat catfish and 2. doesn’t care if it’s on sale)…not sure what I’m doing with it…maybe a cornmeal-pecan coating and pan-fried?

Oh, and for those of you following my little war with SC Gamecocks fan Chris Dachille(if that’s his real name)….I had the IT guy here put the Auburn logo as his screen saver, and the fight song will play when he logs in….I mention it at the end of this blog, because I know Chris will NEVER read to the end of a blog about Tiffany’s jewelry! I hope he won’t see it until Monday…revenge is a dish best served cold. And thanks to all of you for your great ideas .

Anyway, it’s Friday…hope to see you at the Book Festival this weekend, and don’t forget Monday to bring your walking shoes to city hall (12:30) for a walk to the harbor with me and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake as a start to kick off Healthy City Days. Too much obesity, diabetes and heart disease in Baltimore…time to do something about it…join us!  Ne nice, don’t throw rocks, and come home safe…’cause we miss you!


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  1. I am surprised that they would open such a store at Towson Towne Center. But then again that whole ‘luxury wing’ seems a bit out of place and is a pain to get to if you want to walk through the mall to get to it. The easiest way I would say is to run out of the Macy’s and dodge traffic – but that’s just me.

    A $600,000 ring – thats ridiculous then again I am a male.

    Nice job changing his screensaver and music. I’m sure everyone in the newsroom loves the fight song playing when he logs on.

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