Interview with the Pioneer Woman!!

Ree Drummond, no doubt contemplating our time together...

Sometimes I love my job, and then sometimes I really love my job…when I get to meet interesting people from different walks of life, and am allowed to ask them nosy questions that they would normally never stick around for, in the guise of an interview, of course.

 This weekend, I get that opportunity, to interview Ree Drummond, the creator of the Pioneer Woman blog!!  If you’ve never seen her webite and blog, click here..I guarantee you it will blow your mind, and you’ll never waste your time reading my little blog again. Seriously, it’s that good.

She cooks food that looks like this.....

She takes pictures that look like this...

And honestly, I don’t know how she does it all…cook… help run a ranch, homeschool her kids… write a kickass(sorry but it’s true) blog and website….take gorgeous pictures, and seem self-deprecating…. all at the same time.

Oh, and she’s really pretty too and married to the handsome Marlboro Man, the love of her life. I know…it seems that all this perfection would turn you off, but it’s just the opposite. You love her.

Ree's new cookbook...

And she has a new cookbook coming out(it is also drop dead gorgeous, obvie), so Ree is appearing at the Baltimore Book Festival, click here for more info this Sunday, and yours truly will get to introduce her, and then interview her on stage. Is she terribly nervous about this? Doubtful…but I can’t wait to meet the Pioneer Woman in person, and find out just how she does it all….maybe I can learn something about multi-tasking(trust me, I have much to learn). See you Sunday, Ree!

Vandalism? Or team decide....

Oh, and this is the sad sight that awaited me this morning as I entered the newsroom…Chris Dachille, sports producer and unfortunately, a fan of the South Carolina gamecocks, had papered(and ballooned) my desk in the  lamentable red and black colors of the team.

Subliminal tiger envy...poor Chris...

Alas, he himself  wore an orange shirt today….the color of the Auburn Tigers, who will probably devour the Gamecocks this Saturday(tigers eat chickens, don’t they?) Upping the ante C.D.?  Oh and readers…any ideas to get back at him that are 1. easy and 2. cheap. and 3. legal, would be welcome!!


10 Responses

  1. Office revenge! I give you super glue, packing peanuts, and peanut butter. Super glue is great for glueing things down to the desk, like a Tiger. Or a pen right under the keyboard so it never lies flat. Peanuts, to fill desk drawers so when opened the desk owner has to push them around to get what he wants from the drawer and they go everywhere. Lastly peanut butter, it is just the perfect thing to put on the phone ear piece right before you call him to say ” GO TIGERS!” and hang up.

  2. Hmmmm…..much food for thought there…though super glue might be frowned upon…you know…by those…usmm, who don’t liek the desks damaged…

  3. Donna, I love your blog….but I now love The Pioneer Woman bloggage as well. Two wonderful blogs…not enough time!

  4. It comes right off with nail polish remover ( acetone )

  5. @ Paul I like the way you think. Best laugh of the day!

  6. OK, ok…maybe I’ll try it. Are you sure it comes off with nail polish remover? It would be very funny…

  7. There’s an old trick that surprisingly works most of the time…scotch tape the part of his phone that rises when you go to answer (phones are different so I have to be generic) and when he tries to answer the first phone call of the day, he’ll be saying “hello” over and over while the phone continues to ring. Of course, if he reads you blog, he’ll be prepared.

    I’d tend to stay away from permanent bonding material (even if it comes off) because the process of applying it and removing it could wind up discoloring something important.

    There’s always shoe polish or vaseline on the phone receiver so he gets a surprise when he answers the phone.

    I have millions of tricks, I work in IT and we are always scheming how to trick each other.

    But, have fun with it, this kind of rivalry is fun!

  8. Ask your IT adminstrator for a little help with office revenge. He/she can change CD’s desktop background and/or screen saver to display Auburn’s logo and cause Auburn’s fight song to be played every time CD starts up his computer. Also…in looking at his workspace? The cube ledge just behind his monitor would be a lovely place to super glue a stuffed tiger (preferably one in an Auburn t-shirt)…maybe slightly to the right of the monitor so he’ll have unobstructed view. And a little super glue there won’t permanently affect the use/workability of the item. Have fun!!

  9. Donna, supergluing a pen to the understide of the keyboard won’t hurt anything … and packing peanuts won’t hurt anything either … I like the idea of taping down of the thingie that connects the phone calls … crepe paper streamers all over in a teams colors (from the ceiling of course so all can see) … and then of course, there’s shredded paper if you don’t like packing peanuts although they are great because they cling to EVERYTHING that touches them … oh and you can tape his drawers shut so he really has to work at getting at those peanuts … raise his chair (especially if its not numatic) as high as it will go or lower it to the ground … if he has a stereo/radio on his desk, adjust the volume to blarring so when he turns it on … yeah you get the picture … good luck with the sweet revenge … we’ve used “buck lure” as air freshener before as well …

  10. Ree is the greatest! I got to meet her in December and she is ask nice in person as she is online. Have fun with your interview! Her book is full of wonderful recipes, I’m working my way through it.

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