Bad Muffy!…or, whose feathers are those?

Muffy, captured on a, what green eyes you have!

Many of you know Muffy…my lithe, snarky(complains if I pet her more than 20 seconds) little calico cat. She’s about 8 years old now… a truly finicky eater…when I put down her wet cat food, she sniffs it and waits expectantly for the topping that’s not really good for her…a sprinkle of dry food.

B to the G, watching tv...

 She gets it(of course) and will then eat… only a few bites. If I’m home with Muffy on a Saturday, I feed her  little spoonfuls all day long…it’s really the only way to get some food  into her, because whatever she leaves, Baby Girl, who’s furry body is as solid and round as Muffy’s is long and lean, eats whatever she leaves.

This morning, Muffy gets out. I really try to avoid this, as we have lots of birds around our yard, and Muff is quick as lightning, and moves on little silent feet.  But she is fast and can dart around your legs quicker than you can yell, “ Muffy, no!” And all my usual tricks to lure her in are to no avail.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty......

 Usually shaking the dry cat food container will do it, or clicking my nails on a window or calling her name(ok, that almost never works)but none did it this morning…Muffy had birds on the brain. So I chase her around the yard for a while…she coyly lies on her back and rolls around but as soon as I get close….whish…she’s gone.

GET over slippery

She runs about 10 feet away and commences the seductive come-on sequence…repeat.  Finally I give up, because I have to go to work so I can afford to buy you nice cat food, you little….

Meow...let me in...and then clean the window...

I come down later, and sure enough, she’s at the back door, wailing as though I was the one who put her out in the cold(emotionally speaking). Please.

 And then… the worst of all, I find feathers in the yard. Muffy, what have you done?

Evidence of Muffy's perfidy....

No lifeless body, so I’m hoping …hoping hoping… this one escaped…. a few feathers lighter, but a wiser bird. Oh, Muffy…I can’t be mad at her, because it’s just what a cat does, you know? And you’re right, I have to be even more careful not to let her out…but, there it is.


6 Responses

  1. I don’t know if Muffy wears a collar but growing up we used to put a little bell on our cat’s collar. That way the birds had a little warning!

  2. Our Hickory has a bell on his collar, but i think it just made him a better (and quieter) hunter. The bell is the last thing the birds hear. We also read an article in the NY Times a few months back in which the author stated that according to their research, the cats with bells caught the most birds. Made sense to us.

  3. Forgot the real reason i was responding. Pick up some “kitty caviar” at Petsmart; it comes in a plastic package, and i think it’s dried fish skins or something; smells AWFUL to us (so keep the open package away from your nose)…but it seems to bring the wee hairy monsters in from whatever activity they are engaged in. we use it to get Hickory out of the basement ceiling.

  4. Kitty Caviar….check! And get Hickory out of the basement ceiling??? There’s a story there, don’t tell me ther isn’t.

  5. We live in an old (ca. 1925) house in a neighborhood above Gwynn Oak Park; the basement is completely finished, with the exception of the laundry and boiler rooms. The laundry room door is kept closed because if not, he finds it quite convenient to launch himself from the top of the washing machine up into the rafters connecting the unfinished ceiling with the finished ceiling of the rest of the basement…and we don’t want to know what kind of mischief he would try to get into in the finished part.

  6. here kitty, kitty, kitty!! Funny Kit, abd Tracy…more good ideas…thanks!

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