Nothing like an old rusty gate…and a little college football…

Look out South Carolina....

Ok, the weekend was fab…the Auburn tigers pulled it out(it being the game) in the last half against a very tough Clemson tigers….all’s well that ends well, as the saying goes. Oh, and the bison burgers were also fab…with Roquefort topping for  blue cheese lovers, and pimento cheese topping for the pimento cheese lovers(and who doesn’t love homemade pimento cheese, y’all). And there are, let me tell you, quite a few South Carolina Gamecock fans in the newsroom, and as Auburn hosts them this weekend, how do they say…oh yeah….”Jimmy, it’s oooooonnnnn!!! “

I love the heart shapes on sweet...

The project of the weekend was putting up an antique metal gate I found at C-MArt( which I missed so badly while they were gone). There was a little green picket gate here before, which was falling apart, and I’ve always wanted an iron gate. The trouble with this one(and probably any old gate) is that it wasn’t really straight, and there was no easy way to connect the gate to the wall, since it came with absolutely no parts or hardware… just here’s you gate Ma’am,…good luck.

painting still to be done of the brick and the wood....

So we ordered old rusty hinges from the “ye olde rusty hinge catalogue“, and someone who’s way better than me at stuff like that attached it to another piece of wood and then  attached that piece of wood to the wall. It’s not finished yet, as you can see.  But overall, I like the look of it, and it functions well. Now just some painting to be done of the wood strip, and the brick where the wood that used to hold the wooden gate was. That’s probably my department….and next weekend’s project.

OVERHEARD IN THE NEWSROOM: “When Alabama plays Arkansas this weekend, if they win by one or they win by one-hundred, they’re the number one team in the country, and anyone who says differently is freakin’ wrong.”

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