It’s the Weekend, Baby!!

Baby Girl has nothing to do with this blog, but she's cute

It has been one of those crazy, hectic days….during which, I wish I had time to craft a really thoughtful, insightful blog in which I could imaginatively solve all the world’s woes, but……no. 

My day began when  guy who comes much recommended (he came by after feeding his horses?)came by to look at my kitchen, which I’ve been thinking about kinda redoing for YEARS….I may finally do it, and if I take the leap, I’ll let you follow the whole dusty, messy process…..I have to get another couple of estimates, which will no doubt give me pause, but we’ll see.

Then on to work where I needed to fill in on the noon newscast, then Marta Quintana from Havana Road came by to bring lunch to the staff(and let me tell you, newsroom people EAT, baby. I hope she wasn’t shocked by the ravenous appetites. The Havana Road is opening in Towson at the end of the month….I can’t Cuban food. Then I had to log the tapes and write a story about thyroid problems for Monday’s 5 PM newscast, and then write this blog and then get ready for today’s 11 News at Five. So I’m feeling a little harried. And I feel a headache coming on…that can’t be good.

I’m seeing the live show of Prairie Home Companion this weekend, which I’m really looking forward to….I don’t often get to hear the entire radio broadcast, just bits and pieces as we’re heading somewhere Saturday night…so it will be lovely to hear and see the whole production down at the harbor!

Cute shoe alert...spotted at b in Bolton Hill...

Oh, and a quick  cute shoe alert….saw them outside at b in Bolton Hill……I asked if I could take a picture, and she said, “Oh thanks….they’re Nicole Miller…don’t know why I don’t wear them more often. You’ve made my day!” See how simple it is to make someone’s day better? Just one little compliment….Ok, I got to get busy….Wishing all of you a great weekend…play nice, don’t get headaches and don’t throw rocks, and come home safe, ’cause we miss you!

2 Responses

  1. I am doing the research to redo our kitchen…and I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed and terrified.

    I did find this one site that (perhaps falsely) comforted me:

    they have a coupon on the bottom of the page for cabinets, granite tops, and sink and faucet for $7500 (they use 10’x10′ for an example; mine is like twice that size); i’m going to check that out for sure. Please blog if you find somewhere or someone good. Thanks! Kit

  2. I’m a bit behind this week but I’m glad to see that Baby Girl is looking a bit better I like that action shot. Is she still on meds?


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