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  1. Well, last week’s buckyball doodle took up A LOT of CPU power (and electricity) to run on Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox, but Google Chrome apparently handled it well. Today’s doodle is done in CSS3, which is less intense on the graphics of the computer, but it only runs on the latest browsers, not on, say, Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

    So Google is apparently “saying” that the future is this technology, and that older technologies, like Flash animation, which are costly in terms of electricity and computer resources, are on their way out.

  2. No clue but here is a link: http://www.pcworld.com/article/204923/whats_up_with_googles_bouncy_ball_logo.html?tk=hp_new

    They suggest that 12 years ago today were incorporated.

  3. If in doubt, at least on the Google site, click it. Whatever Google is celebrating/noting that day is always “Googled” when you click on the Google logo. BTW it was Buky Balls. Just “Google” it 🙂

  4. Here is a list of some of the special Google logos of the past: http://www.google.com/logos/

  5. Ooops, Bucky Balls was a couple days ago. There is a post about this at a newspaper just down I-95 in Washington but I dare not Post it here.

  6. That’s why I prefer no-graphics google doodle.

  7. from ABC news online:

    “Google’s latest doodle did not come with any explanation and when asked about it by ABCNews.com, a company spokesman offered the statement, “Today’s doodle is fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be.”

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