It’s the weekend y’all!!

How about this? No. this? No. This? No. This? No. This? No.....

My bedroom looked kinda like Hurricane Earl had veered off course today and come right through my house…clothes strewn everywhere. It’s that time of year….you know, when you’re kinda between seasons…total summer seems not quite right, but I’m not putting on any wool either. It’s just a big ole experiment every morning…. I need more transitional clothing!!! There, I feel a little better.

Time for a handbag change...out with the white...

That said, this weekend the white Via Spiga shoulder bag I’ve been toting around all summer has to go bye-bye this weekend. My late Momma would come back to haunt me for sure, if I used a white handbag after Labor Day…or wore white shoes. The latter isn’t a problem because I never buy white shoes, and the handbag was a departure for me, but I like it, after I got over its…essential whiteness.

See the 70s? See the 50s? Love it!!

And finally we’re getting some cooler weather. Wheeeeeee!! I am so expletive deleted tired of temperatures over 90 degrees…I’m tired of sweating, I’m tired of worrying about the power bill, I’m tired of having to water everything outside every morning or it will be dead by night, while mosquitoes eat you alive. I’m quite the whiner today, oui?

OK, I’m happy too…. I’m happy Earl dodged most places, happy it’s Friday, happy to have dinner with my family tonight. No big plans this weekend….plenty of yard work to do, planning on slow cooking a pork shoulder roast and watch football outside on the back porch Saturday night(Auburn plays-what can I say)…watch a movie or two…sounds fabulous already. I hope all of you enjoy the fall like temps too….have a lovely Labor Day weekend, play nice, don’t throw rocks, cook something good, and come home safe…’cause we miss you!!


3 Responses

  1. Nice post! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Donna, no matter what you have spread around your bedroom, you always have it all put together on TV. Enjoy your weekend too. Don’t do too much work. Stop, breathe, and enjoy.

  3. Wearing white shoes after Labor Day can have severe consequences.

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