I think I have a little problem…..Confessions of a Candle Hoarder…

Just part of my stash....


Sure, I’ve watched the shows about hoarders with the same fascination and horror and secret understanding as the rest of you. And while we all anxiously reassure ourselves that we’re “nothing like that“(right? We’re not, right??)….many of us have a “little problem” with hoarding something or the other. Where this comes from, I have no idea. Some need not fulfilled in childhood…some deep insecurity? Who knows… 

TB holiday collection...love the gold filigree container...


Here’s my little problem….candle hoarding. And this uncomfortable fact hit me after a trip on Maryland’s Eastern Shore last weekend that drew me for a quick hit at the Tommy Bahama Outlet in Queenstown. I’m not drawn to their bright Hawaiian shirts, but their candles? I practically float into the store, following my nose to the housewares section. 

And it’s not just Tommy Bahama candles that are my weakness….it is any pretty, deliciously scented, poured, soy wax, burning illuminata…that’s on sale. See, that’s key for my fetish to really kick into gear. I have to think I’m getting a great buy on this otherwise expensive candle that can cost upwards of $25  perVoluspa, Nouvelle(from New Orleans), Votivo, Williams-Sonoma, Tocca(mmm, Isabella)….they are all send out the same glowing siren song. And I’m a good customer at Monarch Heaven…this place is a candle lover’s dream, and they occasionally have great sales. Hey, I’m saying that I never buy at full price…I have…but I didn’t have the same little thrill. 

Frosted Lemon Biscotti....shut up!


My fave candle of all time? Banana Republic’s Tomato Vine…which you can’t get anymore, so don’t bother looking. My sister Audrey in Gulf Shores and I were obsessed with this candle, and the name captured it perfectly. There are many, many candles out there who claim the name of something (like an “Arugula” candle in my drawer that smells nothing like arugula-smells good, but please)…. but this one really smelled like a cut tomato vine…a green, leafy smell of summer….as Rachel Zoe would say, “so major“. I get wistful just thinking of it. And I actually stalked Banana Republic stores all over the country and bought up every one I could when I realized they were being phased out(at $4 a pop, thank you very much). For a long time, I was my sister’s favorite person. That was a long time ago, but perhaps the beginning of my hoarding. 

I love the glass of the container!!


And yes,  I have enablers in my family…just this week after I twittered the lovely Jennifer a text message after I left Tommy B.’s outlet saying, “Just got some candles at Tommy Bahama outlet!”…..she sent a return message…”What?! Well you have more on the way from us.” 

Shipment of T.Bahama candles...from the lovely Jennifer!


And sure enough, the next day a box that weighed 31 pounds showed up on my doorstep which I happily drug in off the doorstep. Jennifer, ever the sleuth, had hunted down some gorgeous, BIG, 3 wick TB candles in California on a ridiculous sale…and bought me four of them. That girl knows her Mother-in-law…and she would tell you that my son has inherited a little of candle hoarding proclivity. He loves them too, but is limited by the storage space they have in their NYC west village apartment. It’s ok, they always know where they can get more…at Momma’s house. And I do know what candles give me…I think. I light them almost every night when I come home from anchoring the news, and when I do, the world that is my home seems a warmer, more welcoming, altogether more pleasant place to be(and it must be said that I love knowing there’s more where that came from-needy, I know). And they smell good. Where’s my candle-lighter?


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for shedding some light on this burning issue!

  2. You are more than welcome, Gabrielle…I give, and I give….

  3. Donna we too enjoy candles, mostly in winter but always, always on the dinner table at dinner time. I don’t know that many other people have this routine but my wife started it many years ago and now it just doesn’t seem right to sit down and eat without a candle on the table. Even on pizza nights! The trouble is that we really like some small tapers that Williams-Sonoma used to have but I can’t find anymore. I feel your pain.

  4. Paul I don’t know how small you’re talking about, but you might try the company Roots online…they have lots of pretty tapers…some really sharp looking black tapers, that you won’t find anywhere else. Candles at dinner, make the dinner, and they focus the attention on the table not what’s beyond it.

  5. One can *never* have too many candles. Ever 🙂

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