Friday 411….

I'm eating cereal, on chipmunk watch.

 Did I hear you say IT’S FRIDAY?? That’s right, it is my friends….hollah!! I started the morning on chipmunk watch….I have the cutest little Chip and Dale living in a stone wall by my back porch….at least I think there are two of them. I put out sunflower seeds and when I’m lucky, I can watch them stuff their little cheeks full of seeds, and then scramble off to unload. Extra care has to be taken not to let Muffy out, as she seems to know where they hang their furry little hats. 

Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Tarts....hello lover.

  Had to make an Atwater’s Bakery run midday, to pick up the most divine chocolate caramel sea salt tarts….I mean seriously, they are to die for. I’m hauling them over to the Eastern Shore tomorrow for a birthday party/crab feast…and while it is a party…there are also speakers!

16 Mile Microbrews..

As in…someone talking about and demonstrating Cuban food,  talk and tasting of 16 Mile Brewery amazing microbrews, someone from the Newseum talking about news and how it affects my life(ok, I may take a break on this one…as I already know the answer)….but sounds like fun, yes? All the while sipping a little wine and eating some appies…what’s not to like? 

Alabama Caviar...delish and easy...

And then crabs at 6:00. Done and done. This party is thrown by my food loving  friend Elise, who is the creator of the website Chesapeake Foodie-here’s a link…and when you see it you’ll know, I can’t just haul over any old crap. It has to be good, especially if I don’t make it myself. I may also put together some Alabama Caviar-here’s a recipe….black-eyed peas with onions, red peppers, and sweet corn tossed with Italian dressing. It’s really good…not fancy but a real crowd pleaser. So that’s it for me….hope all of you have a lovely weekend… be nice, don’t throw rocks and come home safe, ’cause we miss you!


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