Ways to get your baby to stop crying….

Southwest against slapping babies!!

Ok, here’s what always worked for me to stop a baby from crying….to give the baby a swift slap in the face. No, no, no…that wasn’t it….that would only make the baby cry MORE wouldn’t it??!!  With the whole brouhaha over the Southwest Airlines attendant removing a 13 month old from the arms of a mom who just slapped it in the face…I say, bravo lady. Well done.

And there’s been some controversy over whether the airlines should have called the police to be waiting at the gate for this family….why should they not have? The mother said she was upset because the baby kicked her…I’m sorry..a 13 month? Kicked her? Chances are this baby can’t even walk well yet…much less kick her. Here’s  a better scenario…the baby is unhappy over any number of things…wants down, is hungry, needs to be changed…is tired…could be anything. And what do babies do when they are unhappy? They cry. I know this is frustrating and embarrassing when you are that baby’s parent and you are in a confined space where you know your kid’s noise is bothering other people. Been there, got the t-shirt. But news flash….I’ve never seen a baby stop crying because you hit it….hey, that’s when they really let loose.

Hmmmm...where's that crying baby?

And I think all too often, if any of us had passed by this scene ourselves…we would have winced…I would have, because I don’t believe in spanking, and slapping a child in the face is, in my opinion, child abuse. Pure and simple. Because who knows what a parent who will slap a child… in the face…. in public…will do in the privacy of their home. A home in which that child is at the mercy of  his or her parents. But would we have stopped and said something?  Done something? Or just gone on with our day, hoping things got better for the little one?  I can only hope that this altercation will perhaps make these parents think more carefully about how they treat their kids…and while it’s probably too much to ask for, maybe take some parenting classes? Anger management classes? Bravo Southwest flight attendant…you’re my hero of the day.

3 Responses

  1. Donna–You are so right. If they would do this in public, I can only imagine what they would do in private. A child is a precious gift–not something to be abused.

  2. I was at a child’s birthday party recently and one of the mothers was screaming at her children the whole time and being very nasty to them. She claimed that her youngest – he looked about 2 – had an ear infection and that’s why she was screaming. It was totally unnecessary. One of the other mother’s finally said something to her, which pushed her over the edge and made her scream at the other mother about how she was a good mother and nobody was going to tell her how to raise her kids, as she gathered her stuff up to leave. She probably would have screamed for hours if the host of the party hadn’t told her to basically shut up and leave immediately. Mind you, no child deserves to be spoken in that manner, but these kids were not misbehaving at all. I’m afraid of how she treats them at home.

  3. and the kids will catch the blame, for being “bad”…It’s so sad.

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