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  1. Oh Donna i did notice it and I had a small panic attack! I have special function at work today and when you said it was thursday I had to check my calender and the date on my computer to be sure. It worked out better for me than you and I am glad that it finally is thursday because tomorrow is friday.

  2. Oui Monsieur Paul….tomorrow is Friday. Sorry about the panic attack…my bad.

  3. I feel and know your pain.

    Just a small correction – the song quote is from Harry Chapin in the song Taxi.

  4. You are so right Michael!!!!!! I’m gonna change it right now….

  5. Funny when I ask to borrow money from my teenage daughters (only for a couple of day and always paid back with interest), they act like they will never see it again! And it’s usually for a pizza for the family!

  6. Glad you got your situation worked out.

    Have you heard of this blog: Overheard in the Newsroom


    I also like seeing that you replied to this blog at 5:33 while you were covering Breaking Weather news. Also do you like covering breaking weather stories? Does it give you and Rod basically the hour off with a few cut ins? Transfer some of your responsibilities of filling the majority of the hour to the meteorologist?

    Also I noticed Lowell Melser was in the weather center. I heard he was going back to school getting his meteorological degree. So when will he be a new meteorologist 🙂

    Also how’s Baby Gaga?


  7. I just remembered that I have a bag of corks from some really good wines in the back of my car, do you still have a use? And are you still looking for moss? I have LOTS!

  8. It’s not only Friday, it’s Friday the 13th. Since I like to snub my nose at superstition, I’m buying my lotto tickets today! Take that, bad luck!

    It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who’s set payments up incorrectly and had to scramble to cover for a couple days. I feel your pain.

    Have a great weekend! Also, LOVE all of your foodie posts!

  9. Paul, I take it you’re not a moss lover…..not sure how make that happen…but I’d love the corks. People must wonder why there’s a bag of corks in your car….
    and Ryan, always so full of questions. 1. No, I’ve never heard of the blog…but may check it out. 2 It wasn’t 5:33 when I replied. For some reason what I post comes up at a different hour than when it really happened. WordPress in a different time zone? I’ll let you find out. 3. You do not at all feel like you have the hour off. I actually hate when a tornado warning hijacks the news cast and all that hard work is for the most part, out the door. 4. Yes, Lowell is now a meterologist…congrats to him!5. Baby Gaga is doing really, really well….still “accident” free!

  10. Donna it’s not that I am not a moss lover. In fact I have fond memories of the moss lawn in my grandparents backyard. What I am not a fan of is haveing the moss grow in places I don’t want it to, like my roof, the driveway. I have moss everywhere! I do have a large moss lawn in the front of the house which would be great but some kind of tough grass grows up through it so I have to mow it anyway and then its really hard to mow because the combination is too much for the mower. So yeah I got moss and I will try to get it to behave.

  11. Let’s not forget to pay me back today!! 🙂

    Heart you!

  12. Donna:
    I’m just glad I’m not the only one doing that with internet banking. Love it, but hate it at the same time. Have a great weekend, don’t throw rocks, and come home safe…cuz I really enjoy your blogs 🙂


  13. U R Sweet!!

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